Monday, November 3, 2008

no biscuit just Teacher.

yes, finally (how many time shall i use this word today?) confirmed she is my former english teacher. i am soooooo gladddd... we are re-conncted, kudos to fb. haha had a chat thru the fb. hahahaha i smile. i laugh just like someone who has fatt bank acount. may be i should sing too....

its been a while since i feel very good and warm. because since my graduation very rare i feel this warm and this good!. seldom i feel warm with non-family. my partner in crime always label me as anti social, and i denied as much. now somehow i couldnt afford to deny his claim. i blog a lot. laugh at my own jokes in my own head. read my own blog. and socializing merely with whoever listed as my friend in the silly (but good) networking web while reading wikipedia. practically i am just sit my arse in front of my Kompite.

feel more or less embarrass to type this entry in english. i am really sure she will be disappointed if not laughing with tears streaming when she read this. yes my english is a nightmare. there is nowhere i can defend it in front of my former english teacher.

this very teacher that indirectly induced me to one of my secret (secret??????) interest, poetry. i glad i started with shakesphere's sonnet 18 with her as my teacher.

i remember she corrected my answer with this phrase;
.......untouched by the temperature of weather and unaffected by the passing of time.....

this phrase was describing about eternal beauty mentioned in shakesphere's sonnet.

just so yay.. to meet her again, even though virtually.

she is my former teacher, but she encourage me to study like she is still my teacher. thank you teacher..... millions, zofijillions thanks.

someday we will meet again??? hopefully. yeah! cheers!

p/s: boleh tak sambut hari guru bulan november???

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