Monday, November 10, 2008

me and my history

american revolution

french revolution

although i am majoring in biology and now emphasizing in taxonomy and biodiversity study, actually i have special interest in history. especially about revolutions. long before i pour my heart for biology, there was history. i read about form 1-3 history syllabus when i was 11 and i read form 4 history text book when i was 14, ironically my i got B for my SPM history paper.

when i was in form 4 i loved history more than any subject sciences. but when i was in form 5 my interest for history had been faded. first because of the syllabus. second because of the teacher. i never really like to read malaysian history. doesnt means i didnt read it. i did. just the flame was not as much as when i read european history or american's.

after form 5, i read my sister's form 6 text book. i dont really remember the whole content, but i do remember read about greek and greek's mythology. in my freshman year, it was compulsory for all student to took tamadun islam and tamadun asia. most student especially from science stream hate this subject. because it was simply history. even though i have to re-read about malaysian history, but i was secretly like this subject. and of course i didnt tell my friend about it.
tomorrow my little brother and the rest of SPM candidates across the nation will sit for sejarah 1. together with bahasa melayu 1 and 2. wish my brother all the best. and my pray will always with him.


day without bashing stranger is not hard to fine. but i choose to bash. some people somewhere may also bash me or umpating me. then thats it i umpat somebody and somebody umpats me.

sarcasm. yes i dont like sarcastic people. some people look intelligent with their sarcastic words while some look terrible. me also sometime be sarcastic. whether i look smart or silly, then it is not for me to tell.

not long ago i knew a guy who sarcastic level was quite high for guy like him. sometime this guy was offensive with his sarcasm. and most of the time he was unprofessionally said something sarcastic about religion and races.

as muslim i often feel offended whenever he said something not right about my religion. he was always stereotyping muslim with all bad stuff. yes some muslim may not be good. but we cant say muslim are all alike.

he was personally being offended by some young muslim acts. his name was teased, even some rude words were painted in the wall to humiliate and disgrace him. he took his revenge and used the podium to bash those misdemeanors. i dont really know what happen with the wrong-doers

after about 1-2 years later he still couldnt get over it. and use the bitter from the past to be sarcastic. i did feel he was victimizing us, by putting all blame on us. even though we didnt even know the culprits. most imporantly we were not the culprits. why was he put the blame on us? may be because we are muslim and so does the misdemeanors.

George W. Bush is caucasian american. He is a christian and a bad guy in world politic. he sent troops to kill and to be killed in wars. but can we stereotyping all christian caucasian ameriacan as bad as Bush???. no.

apart from being sarcastic THIS GUY, was also racist, and paid no respect to muslim people. he was older than us but definitely not wiser.

so guy, being sarcastic is smart but sissy.

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