Monday, November 10, 2008

cut the bullcrap

i am tired with this silly twisted tongue who try to hide his already known agenda, and used sabahan as his main reason for whatever he did. thats bull crap. big crap.

if you are man than be a man. only sissy do such thing. just say it, you want that million ringgits project awarded to you. if the 'people up there' refuse your demand then you & co will leave the coalition. if you have balls then leave the coalition no need to tarik tali and give ultimatum after ultimatum and use sabahan's welfare as smoking screen.

no balls pengecut. that exactly who you are. then your pawns will glorify you as hero. hero for sabah. bull crap. sabah and sabahan dont need greedy man like you. you are your bank account hero. try to privatize state natural resource. try to make your fat bank account even fatter.

all of sudden all eyes on kimanis? all of sudden big gun concern for villagers in kimanis????? just cut the crap. cut the crap. you are brilliant businessman and all in your mind is about business and forgot to be man. sissy coward!

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