Thursday, November 20, 2008

the amazing race asia 3

earlier this week i planned to watch the grand finale of TARA 3. aku dah plan2 balik putatan, but memandangkan exam dah dekat aku study pun malas. hatta nak hantar net balik ke lab pun aku berfikir2 lagi. simply rule by one word; MALAS!

memandangkan aku gatal2 cari dalam internet siapa yang menang TARA 3. few bloggers pretty sure that, the philiphine couple won the TARA 3. i want malaysian team, Ida and Tania won. but... i dont know. because they say the launch party was held in philiphine. previous seasons, party was held in winning teams's home countries. AXN tak perasan kah viewers dah sedar pattern tu?? bodoh lah kalau tak sedar2.

hopefully malaysian won... the hong kong's pretty tough too. Vince and Sam are strong built guy. they are like the muscle and the brain. the philliphine's Geoff is good in physical challenge and his temper is neutralized by Tish's patience. but the 'Ghandi born at 1977' incidence is really err..... LMAO hahahahahaha. they were really exhausted. so it is hard to think properly if you are hell tired. Ida and Tania, they are cool... really support each other back. really the team team. physically speaking, they are women, so physical chellange could be they biggest hurdle. but dont write them off too soon.... because Ida proudly kicked Sam's arse in Oman. she pulled her best to drag herself gliding the rope. while Sam was crying for support, even asked buddy, Vince to helps him. proud of you Ida!!. and Tania is really good in searching clue. she is sharp. remember in Taiwan, she got her hands dirty to search coin in wagon-full coal.

1st season malaysian won. 2nd season malaysian at the 2nd place. 3rd?? may be 3rd?. some people said Ida and Tania got 3rd place. anyway malaysian teams really rock the TARA. in all 3 finals there always malaysian team. in 2nd season, the malaysian team even secured the 4th place too. in TARA 3, henry and bernie got 5th place.

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