Thursday, October 23, 2008

what's funny what's not

guess where???

i went to sst to drop the students' mark sheets in tuan dokterina's pigeon hole. instead of put the sheets in the tuan dokterina's own pigeon hole, the clerk put the sheets in the tuan dokterina's husband's pigeon hole.

she said tuan dokterina is on leave. ok as long as the sheets finally reach tuan dokterina, than i am fine with that.

then i proceed to the library. no, i am not library geek squad. but frankly, beside my messy room and up high in the sky ibtp. i dont really have other place to go to. 1 borneo hypermall???? no no no. no mall whatsoever. i am tired strolling and drolling at the mall. drolling for something i cannot afford.

as usual, i wont proceed to the life science shelve. but i went to general section. the first book i grabbed was about american football. i dont really know about american football. except whatever i saw in friday's night light tv series. i browsed the book more or less. the i put it back where i took it. then my eyes caught something that more suitable for me, plant forensic. i didnt really read it. just flipping chapter after chapter. and thats it i put it back where it belong.

i climbed to 1st floor of the library. rest my arse on the sofa. doodling my notes. gazing people around. kutuking stranger silently (buat dosa jak). then i scribbled something on paper. flipping my notes. then i move to the desk. so i could write with comfort.

not really studying or reading. scribbling and gazing, and told myself old jokes. laughed at my own jokes in my own head. and of course kutuking people around me. beside gave a nasty stare at a bunch of girls who happily put some more volume to music they listened to.

suddenly, my phone rang. oh forgot to put it on silent mode. haha sorry peeps.. usualy no one call me. then look at my notes back. scribbling. and texting with my friend. ask her about how to collect specimen without killing. she answered so-so. i dont really know about animal. because i work with plant.

what caught my attention was, person infront of me were checking my fs account. hahaha... i said to myself, 'hey itu frenster aku tu, siapa lah ni???'

i miscalled some1. then i recieved text short after.

ayang: Aloha!
me: Jgn pandang belakang.

hahahaha... my friend rupanya.

Alhamdullilah i found her there at least, boleh berborak interface-ly. without texting or exchange comments in fs.

what's funny i really want to see people outside the world wide web. but if not because of i caught my friend viewed my fs account, i wont recognized her.

ceh mesti guna frenster juga kalau nda, sendiri2 lah nda kenal siapa2 di library tadi.

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