Monday, October 27, 2008

whatever is women language for F**K You!

hi all,

not very in a proper mood lately. nothing much to share here. except my daily basis activities.

a part from checking my fb and fs and blogging, i dont really have passion to do anything. even umno's mambo jumbo cannot entertain me.

oh ya... i am on long run to finish gossip girl season 1. ok lah cerita ni... biasa saja, about a bunch of rich kids sleep with each other... haha (teruk kan my review)

long weekend huh?, i watched 2 anthony hopkin's movie, the bounty and my favourite, meet joe black. very bold very sharp very tight acting by hopkin and of course applause for gibson and brad. i like the bounty because the setting is periodical, i love this kind of movie (except alexander movie.... colin farrel's mother is angelina jolie????? come on...). meet joe black.... for reason you know what. angelina is pretty but her man is much much prettier kan??? hahahaha... poor angelina, she is explosively hot but her man is damn hotter. and the meet joe black's soundtrack is good too (this kinda balancing my first reason lah....).

i have presentation tomorrow. i never like to present anything scientific.

baby demam lagi. kesian. get well soon kiddo. i love you.

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