Saturday, October 11, 2008

my 23rd bday

the only sms wish i got so far is from my kaka. yes few people already wished me thru fs. thank you for all those wishes n graphic comment.

i dont really expect my friends would remember my bday. let alone wishes. its ok. i am not annivesary/bday/date crazy chick. who remember people's bday and all events need to be celebrated annually.

my kaka remember my bday. my ma remember my bday. thats good enough to me. since few years back. i didnt really celebrate my bday. except for a dine about 2 years ago when i turned 21st. no bday cake. just simple dinner with my buddies, azeyla, madan, and fathi. actually it was pre matured celebration we had dinner on 10th oct. i had german class until 7 on 11th. so for sure i would be too tired to dine out after a very long day. azeyla kindly decided to do it earlier.

on 11th my german class finished right on time. means i missed the 7 pm bus. silently sad, i took town bus to hentian kajang, and i took another bus to back to campus. arrived in my room around 8. i remember, i attached the bus ticket near my planner calender. it didnt matter that nobody throw a party for me. plus i hate mingling in event where i am the centre of attention. i was silently sad because i missed bus and feel very exhausted on my bday.

all i want for this year is spending good weekend with my family. far from political news (can news addict like me do it??) and away (for a while) from my duty. i want to play with my niece this weekend. tease her, tickle her, teach her something new (like what?), and also eat my ma's cooking. may be watch tv a lot and less internet.

present i want the most? i guess someone bought something. i prefer to celebrate everything with cash. so throw me a lot of dollar bill ok.

happy bday to me.

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Ld said...

owh haPy blated bFday my Frenz...swi lma Xupdte muCh pRoblems n bz With fYp hehe..