Tuesday, October 14, 2008

learn to read between the lines

First read this:

Upko wants BN say in choosing PM

PENAMPANG: Barisan Nasional component parties should be involved in the election and appointment of the prime minister, an Upko leader said. Albert Bingkasan of the United Pasokmomogun Kadazandusun and Murut Organisation said a mechanism should be developed for all BN component parties to have a say in the selection of the prime minister and his deputy.

Speaking at Upko's 12th Triennial Delegates Conference on Sunday, he said: "Why must the decision of who would be the prime minister and the deputy prime minister rest only with the delegates from 191 divisions of Umno?" said Albert, who represented the Inanam division.

"I believe this is something we need to look at in the future," said Bingkasan when contacted to elaborate on his comments.

The delegates conference ended with the passing of 10 resolutions, including the move to downsize the number of divisions from 60 to 25 according to the number of parliamentary seats in Sabah. Bingkasan was elected as a supreme council member.

Another resolution called for the government to set up a royal commission of inquiry to address the problems related to the huge presence of illegal immigrants.

Upko also called on the prime minister to be steadfast in his decision to scrap the 500km gas pipeline project between Kimanis and Sibu and the state government to ensure villages affected by the Forest Management Unit parcels were not alienated and its residents are provided with facilities for them to improve their standard of living. (My say: all of sudden, people care about villages and villagers in Kimanis?????? are you sure you are not aiming to seal the grand deal? dare to reveal???? oh come on.... to improve their standard living or????)

The party also proposed that the Kadazandusun language be made a compulsory subject for all students in government schools and the government provide intensive courses on the language at teacher training colleges and give special allowance to those who teach it.

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

then read this:

Mukhriz 25: KJ 13: Dr Khir 7; The fall of Kimanis and Tuaran signal Khairy's disintegrating Sabah plan

Yesterday was only a fair showing for Khairy's expectation. He obtained 4 nominations; Mukhriz lead at 8; and Dr Khir trailing with 2. (latest result refer to blog Jelapang.)

He would have wished, after snatching away Machang from Mukhriz's feet, it would start a snowball that could buld up size as it roll downhill. That exercise, costly as it is at RM500 per head, would have made Mukhriz lose face.

His supporters could deny, defend and demand proof. Off course, it wasn't Khairy himself giving envelopes containing pieces with Agong's head. Only a dumbo like Johari Baharum would do such a thing. The money man will be made known in due time.

Kimanis was supposed to follow through from the Machang upset. It did not. Who knows? Maybe later. But Khairy's boys are already grumbling complaining that they were locked out from entering the meeting room after their maghrib prayers break.

It actually did happenned.

The door was locked on them at 8 pm and waited for 30 minute to much avail. One thing about their story does not tally. Maghrib in that part of the country began around 6 pm. (My say: kamurang ni sembahyang kah tidak???? keldai betul) Why were they waiting to pray isya with an important meeting ongoing?

The happening in Kimanis is more than just a cheap political trick. From the onset of the meeting, Ketua Bahagian, Dato Anifah Aman gave signals in his speech. The instruction was clear; nominate anyone but Khairy. Not only to deny Khairy, Kimanis denied his old long time friend the Vice President nomination to punish his association with Khairy.

Sometime this year, as told by one Sabahan warlord, Pak Lah accepted the request by Kimanis for an oil and gas facility in a luncheon function in his desperate attempt to appease the Sabahans. When advised that Petronas had no such plans, Pak Lah did his usual flip flop within 12 hours.

Oil and gas is the new game in town for Sabah. According to Shell website here, they had big plan for Kimanis. Read below:

The Gumusut-Kakap field is the first deepwater opportunity for Shell in Malaysia. Sabah Shell Petroleum Company will be operator of the development, which will employ Malaysia’s first deepwater semi-submersible production system, with a production capacity of 135,000 bbl/d. The field, will be developed using 19 subsea wells with oil exported via a pipeline to a new oil and gas terminal, which will be built in Kimanis, Sabah. Natural gas that is produced along with the oil will be re-injected into the reservoir to help improve oil recovery.

Whether our Sabahan warlord source heard it right or wrong, that is another story.

Our Sabahan sources said Khairy did a number on someone in Kimanis. There was supposed to be projects of RM350 million each for companies Ribuan Jaya Sdn Bhd and Kimanis Bintulu Pipeline Sdn Bhd for Sabah Gas Oil Terminal. The owners of the companies were not disclosed but its likeluy to have Kimanis interest.

When Dato Anifah Aman refused the Deputy Ministership for the new post GE12 cabinet, the projects of the two companies were diverted to one Montis Sdn Bhd. The same sources revealed Montis is linked to Tan Sri Bernard Dompok, President of UPKO. (hahahahahahahahahaha any comments people?????? it is not about villages and villagers in Kimanis but it is about millions dollar bill yo!)

Khairy may have had his hand in the wrong cookie jar. That would really infuriate anyone. Believe it or not, the denial of entry got nothing to do with Mukhriz. His got a bigger matter to make Khairy fall flat on his face. (My say: dear khairy, ini Kimanis bukan kau yg punya bukan kau yg punya bukan kau yang punya (echo) syoh syoh berambos)

It's Khairy's own fault.

While this one political investment failed on him, another in Sabah paid off. The RMRM150 million Coastal Highway and upgrading of Sagama road for RM100 million paid of with a nomination from Sabah UMNO Silam Division.

Things are not looking good. Khairy's Sabah stronghold is disintegrating to pieces. Abdul Rahman Dahlan's Tuaran, and Kalabakan fell to Mukhriz.

Back in his so-called home estate, Jelebu and Jempol fell. Pemuda Bentong's berani berubah may lead to the fell of Khairy's Pahang stronghold.

Time to cop out like Kalimullah and Patrick Lim.

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