Monday, September 8, 2008


not very long ago i liked body's art very much. Tattoo. yes i liked tattoo. i still like it, but not as much as before. much much lesser. i am Sabahan who born and grow up in Borneo. so tattoo is not something strange in this unique island.

i remember when i was in school, i suggested my guy friend to get his body tattooed. one of reason i love beckham very much because his body is inked. Miami Ink used to be my favourite tv show. but now, no longer.

basically i like black and grey ink, and i really love tribal tattoo. Bunga Terong of Iban is on top of my chart. may be my interest to read about anthropology leads me to love Iban's Tattoo or vice versa.

i have 1 or 2 Ibans friend, and a Kenyah and few Bidayuhs. they are all Sarawak native. non of them have tattoo.

when i first came to Sarawak around 2003, i was so eager to see tattoo parlour and man with full inked body. but as far as i can remember i didnt see many of those. but still yeah in Kuching it is easy to find man with tattoo.

here in KK Sabah, there are few tattoo parlours, one at Tanjung Aru First Beach, one at Tanjung Aru Plaza... the rest i dont really know. may be another one near Centre Point. in KK it is not hard to see people with tattoo. just most of that tattoos are not tribal.

most of the time tattoo is associated with triad or gang. but i always linked tattoo with culture. it is Borneo Native 's culture to get tattoo. i saw on TV how Iban very proud of their tattoo. they say their tattoo is symbol of manhood and make them visible to their god. (please correct me if i am wrong). tattoo is a part of people culture. and i respect that very much.

i respect people who embrace their culture. and those who respect others' culture.

why now i have less interest on body art/tattoo??? even though it was something i really adored not long ago.

the top of the reason is something i cant write here. very personal.

but mostly because i am Muslim. Good Muslim shall not have his/her body tattooed.
i dont have tattoo. and personally i feel sad if my Muslim friend have it. if a Muslim have tattoo it will effect their ibadah (pray).

so i hope that my fellow Muslim wont get permanent tattoo. no matter how cool it is look on your skin. yes pop culture is what we breath and eat. but do not put our religion and faith behind that.

personally, a guy who i know (ex-schoolmate actually), happily showing pictures of his tattooed arm on the internet. yes i know it is not my damn business. what come to my concern (read:menyibuk) is not his cool ink (3 tattoos and counting), but he is a Muslim. and a friend. another is about his faith.

i dont want to eloberate about his personal here. as it may be will hurt him and his family.

i pray that he will not disassociate himself from Ummah. Naauzubillah. and also i pray that my faith is getting stronger by day. Amin..

Happy Ramadhan to all.


TEAM B.I.O.N.I.C said...

mau buat tatto misai d muka

Jlascanteen said...

biar kau mati betutut. tpaksa pakai kontraktor steven buat kubur

SOnditX said...

alo jlascanteen

sarahmarilyn said...

hello there! just checkin out ur blog.saw ur comment in my blog... and yeah tattoo is cool but it is never cool to hav it stared all d time. u knnow lah appearance does matter

SayaFarid said...

kalau islam xlarang wat tatoo,bmiinat jgk nk ada tatoo.
nk kena cari ni apa hikamah islam larang wat

TEAM B.I.O.N.I.C said...

kuburan ada corong anti tutut... ada serombong laluan semangat kena sumbat pakai botol kicap....

Jlascanteen said...

sarahmarilyn&sonditx; thanks for visiting.

sayafarid; kerana tattoo adalah amalan orang bukan islam. x elok org islam ikut amalan tersebut yg mencacatkan tubuh badan.

buat promosi kuburan anti tutut di blogmu. paten kan terlebih dahulu