Monday, September 22, 2008

petronas raya commercial

as usual petronas raya commercial never fail to touch my heart.

i am so sure most of Malaysian out there love petronas raya and merdeka commercials. very heart warming and often funny too.

here some synopsis of this year commercial;

a story about a son who is really busy with his work. and refuse to eat, dish prepared by his elderly mother so he can go to a place where internet connection is available. but the mom understand her son's need and just ok with it. see?.... the mom always know what her child needs.

i know a little bit cliche. child back to hometown. with less sensitivity. rumah kampung, bertiang, berkolong, complete with the tangga batu. kampung without mobile line coverage. this child from big city (kononnya) kemaruk to use his handphone.

my kampung (sorry bragging pulak bulan2 puasa ni), mobile line coverages are tip top, for celcom, digi, hotlink. except no 3G, which i expect to coming soon. there are at least 2 hazardous transmitter towers which less than 10 KM away from each. ya la nanti tiada line telefon orang kata mundur kan? nah hambik 2 biji menara yang beradiasi.

internet? yes streamyx is available. and you can use the mobile broadband too, just to slow lah.
not forgetting astro. yes everyone love astro in my kampung. from sinetron watcher mak cik2 to ceria fanatic adik2.

but in Malaysia, thats is all about, balik kampung and celebrate with your parents and family. kan?? tak kisah lah ada line henpon atau tak...

ok frankly. the petronas commercial gives pretty good 'slap' on my face. because in past years. i had spend too much time in front of tube and ignoring Raya's what and about. i remember at 1 raya's eve, i spent my night watching english football match. and at 1 raya haji, i was too sleepy to wake up for sembahyang raya because i played comp game all night long.

only last year raya i was good enough to leave the tube, and helped my mother to potong bawang, halia, and eat a lot of my sister's pudding. beside i spilled good amount of gasoline while prepared cuculs (pelita).

hopefully i wont spend my malam raya in front of computer, updating my blog or spend hours bloghopping. i want to help more than just potong bawang this year.

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