Sunday, September 28, 2008

my email answered

in my past entry i mentioned about a rude s17 clerk who challenged me to file complaint against him. so i did. because he asked for it.

i wrote a complaint letter and emailed it to his superior. 

today i received an email from his superiors and they (the big boss and the customer service head staff) said they will investigate the complaint and ask for my phone number just in case they need to contact me regarding this matter. 

i don't really care what further action will be taken against the culprit s17 clerk. but if his superiors need me to give his name. i will be glad to email them his full name with his picture attached. 

hopefully in future the culprit s17 clerk will be not assigned to stamp book on the counter. because apparently he is not able to do so. poor him. he wears a very good looking office apparel everyday, but sadly he is too horribly dumb to do his job. which is stamping book. basically i gave him a favour by filed complaint against him. to end his misery. 

i said you messed with wrong person. see? i am right. why not reading books around you once in a while instead of surfing internet using the office's pc Yusri? reading is good for your brain 

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