Sunday, September 21, 2008

Katalog Nafsu

Catalogue of Desire (betul kah terjemahan ni?)

pictures below are downloaded randomly by using google. 

digital cameras! yes i really want one right now. more than i want new clothing for Raya. 
this one is Canon PowerShot A650 IS. from the catalog the price tag is MYR 1,299 but i think it will range from MYR 1300-1600.  i think toy camera shouldnt exceed MYR 1000.  well this one is very ok. palm size and yeah.. look good too..

PowerShot A720 IS. Price: MYR 999. yes less than 1000. but i think i need to add some accessories, so it could cost me more. huhuhu macam mo beli betul ni esok!

ok stop typing about camera. yesterday i went to buy some groceries. look what i found... snooker tables for sale!!. come in 3 sizes. the price of the biggest table (like pix above) is about MYR 1300. smaller than it is about MYR600. the smallest is about MYR300++.

there is no way i can afford the standard size table just like that one in your local pub or arced. may be i have to burn up too MYR 6000 to get it... huh i wont. 

actually i want a pool table. i prefer pool than snooker. but hey it is cool to have pool (or snooker) table right?  

ok back to digicam thingy...
sony alpha. 

my former professor own this one. i am not sure how many sony alpha models out there. but his is alpha. complete with big big lenses.. well obviously his pay cheque is heavy. and yes for now there is no way i can buy this big sony alpha.
Nikon. yeah Nikon is cool. the coolest. i own black Nikon coolpix. but kaput. yeah cost me MYR 1300. i bought it in october 2005. yes it is what i consider as toy camera. 5.1 megapixs. i took tones tones of piccies with it. the problem of my Nikon is, its lense is error.  broke my heart =(

another Nikon big boy. look at the lense. huhuhu... this one is just like what they used in CSIs series. problem with this big camera is too bulky. beside too hell expensive. thats why i prefer toy camera. and pixs taken by using very very high resolution (10 mps and above) will leave no room in my hard disk. and i dont have much cash to buy another hard disk. neither to buy this camera.
the cheapest candidate. price on catalog: MYR 899. 8.0 MPs. 4x optical zoom. not much different from my ol' nikon. except it is canon and cheaper. 

any suggestion people? i know photography as hobby is already overrated. i like to blog so if i have functional camera, may be i can share my pictures with my reader (ada kah orang baca blog aku kecuali aku sendiri?) 

btw, back to snooker table. i dont really play neither snooker or pool. yeah may be i did play pool once. and i dont really know the rules of game. i just know in pool or snooker you must pocket balls. 

so i dont play it. but i want to buy it. why????


farid said...

karangan siapa buku tu?
reply me at my fs account.

green apple said...

ala, snap je pakai henpon.

Jlascanteen said...

green apple, henpon aku tak ada kamera dah.. bley sms n call saja.