Thursday, September 18, 2008

i dont really know how to cheat.

but if i do so. i'll do it well.

about a task assigned to me since past weeks. i havent finish it yet. very slow progress. not just this task but also some others. ok ironically i rambles in the previous entry about lazy students who did not complete properly assignments given to them. some say 'cakap tak serupa bikin' (cannot walk the talk) or 'periuk mengata kuali hitam'. believe me between my case and those students' are not exactly the same but neither much different. at least i have intention to complete my task on time. no matter what it takes.

so i plan to have plan B. just in case the burden of task become unbearable. plan B is all about cheat. i know academically speaking it is not a right thing to do. but for the sake of calm mind and happiness, plan B is something i would. after all my goal is to complete the task.

i dont want to go further about this task. by nature this task and me is just like arranged marriage which take much much longer time to be accomplish successfully. and time is not on my side.

what hurt my heart is, someone had tease my plan B. my say to this someone: you say i cannot chew but you are choked. neither will laugh.

first, hopefully i wont have to execute my plan B and i still have my academic morality. second, just in case my moral slipped away, i need to do it very well.

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