Wednesday, September 3, 2008

hello world. more pictures from Marine Borneo

first of all, mainly i blog in bilingual, English and Malay (because i am Malaysian). so to those who read in English only, if you encounter entries written in language you cannot comprehend means they are in Malay. but sometime i blog in local Sabah Dialect (because i am Sabahan). and most of the time biological terminology are used.

if you hate the my text, just browse pictures uploaded. if you hate or like those piccies comments are welcome.

anyway below are piccies taken during my visit to Marine Borneo Institute. this is 2nd entry about it. you may check out my August's archive to see more piccies.

so enjoy the piccies. taken by using Syareena's pink SONY digicam. comments are welcome. thank you. please come again. Patrick?
on the top of main entrance
tank full of beautiful coral and creature
turtle again...

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