Friday, August 8, 2008

TGI Friday!

today i have very relaxing friday. it is not that i am completely free from any duty. juz i choose not to do it. at least for today. after soaked under the sun for four days, i think i deserved early weekend. first thing in the morning i cleaned up my room. re-rearranged the furnitures. then i was facebooking n yming the whole morning. i juz eat mamee beehoon soup for lunch. i was very hungry i ate 2 packs of it. then i fall asleep. i did plan to go to lab. because i need to prepare my identification station. since i invaded my peer's bench yesterday. my boss told me to use equipments at the another lab. so now i have my own working station that i always craving for!!. but today afternoon was very sizzling hot. then as expected the plan quickly aborted. come on i cannot have 1 more day of sunbathing. plus i dont want my body's little stock of volatile vitamin c oxidized.

but like i said i need to clean it up. before stacking my specimens there. i guess i need some help to move the computer, triton monitor, n stuff alike. well those are very expensive, i dont want to scratch it. i guees the guy in the lab may lend his hand. so that duty is put under next week's to-do list.

i wont go back to kampung this weekend. because my family decided to spend their weekend at our home in putatan. i prefer to enjoy my weekend at our permanent residence. but the most important is i am going to spend weekend with my family, regardless where we gonna spend it. happy weekend everyone!.

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