Monday, August 4, 2008

sleep with enemy

actually i want blog about my recent adventure in Sipitang. since i cannot upload piccies and i have brand new hot hot story brewing. i will blog about Sipitang later.

juz now i found out situation here in KF have been erupting like hell. my roomies were happily badmouthing, kutuking and fitnahting me here n there. i am not sure why she did that horrible thing. i dont really know my new roomies, and i dont want to know about her further detail. we are roomies thats it thats all. are we friend??? now absolutely not. juz roomies who share some space. i dont choose her to be my roomies and vice versa.

when i was away for a week, she start to meroyan telling lies after lies and kutuk after kutuk to the rest of housemates. 1 thing i cannot accept that, she accuses me as the reason why she had epilepsy strike or sawan babi in the past week.

i was the one who the first to realize that she was menggelupur at 2 am, she struck by the disease at the wee hour. then we rushed her to the hospital. waited for her outside emergency room with mosquito, cold and sleepy eyes. when she said and telling lies that i was the reason for her psychosis sickness or whatever disease that she has, i cannot accept that. if i knew she was going to say such stupid stuff. i will more than willing to let her menggelupur ran out of oxygen that night.

i helped her and send her to hospital tengah2 malam buta. me n my housemates not her beloved-dont-know-where-husband. then she was badmouthing me when i was away for a week to the jungle.

i never told our peers from next door about that sawan babi thing. until tonight the next door girls brought up the story. they know about the story from others roomies. i tried to protect her dignity and maruah. but all she did is blaming me and kutuk me.

then my peers told me about her machete that hided in the room or kitchen. i never know about the long machete. and honestly i do feel physically threatened.

then she lied to others about our 'argument' about curtain. that 'argument' never happened and all the thing she said is merely her imagination from her psychotic brain. i have no time to argue about the colour of bedroom's curtain. i was only realized the curtain changed after a few days.
i dont really care whether the curtain is blue or orange. the thing i argue with her was about her friends' belonging occupied my cupboard and bed. then i asked them to remove the stuff, because i need those furniture for my own use. i asked them without bercekak pinggang. i juz asked. i juz claimed what suppose to be mine. i juz occupied what suppose to be my place.

about her squatting friend. i dont want to write much about that. because the only thing about her is juz plain lies.

i tried to tolerate about the canned pork. but she takes for granted my tolerance, and say bad thing about me instead. i am Muslim and she should respects my religious belief. and not juz that she must also respects other roomates' religious belief. in our house, most of us are muslim, the other two christians are from SDA church (this church prohibits their follower to consume pork), and the other one is vegeterian. all resident are not pork consumer, except her. by democracy and tolerant she suppose not to consume pork by any means in this house.

if it is true that she has deep disgruntle or dissatisfaction on me. why dont juz confront me personally??? she is rather telling lies and kutuk instead of looking for solution. i wonder whether her master research makes her stupid. because she is. she may be a mother of 2 or 3. but in my eyes she is childish, disrespect, badmouth, psychotic, liar, snake, twisted tongue, coward, ungrateful, and apparently fail to use her common sense.

dont mess with me. that my piece of advice you should take.

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