Monday, August 4, 2008

Sipitang: Mount Lumaku.

as i mentioned in my previous post, about my trip to Sipitang wild. so these are pictures taken during my unsuccessful Mount Lumaku hiking. Mount Lumaku stands proudly 1900 meters a.s.l. but i only managed to reach 1700 meters a.s.l altitude. this was my first time hiking.. so not bad for first timer like me, i guess. Mount of Lumaku is not very popular among adventure seeker. thanks to my supervisor, Dr. Monica, members of trip (Pak Zainal, Dunstan, Melda, Liew) and our guide, Salapan for taking care of me on that trip.

not a child play

Mendulong Offroad

Moss Garden

Bryologists collecting Moss specimen

on the way up to Mount Lumaku. this is old logging road at Mendulong. sadly the area apparently disturbed by massive logging activity. ironically without this road, Mount Lumaku is hard to be accessed.

wet wet web

view of hills of Long Pasia from foot of Lumaku

streams on the way up to Mount of Lumaku

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miss Nani said...

wow.. klu nak hiking sni, perlu contact sapa2 x? ble mnta num contact mereka? tq 😚