Sunday, August 17, 2008

relaxing and stalking

unshaven christian look very manly- gambar hiasan

i am back to relax n spend the rest of my weekend here at my family's kampung pimping permanent residence. after endured couples of sleepless nights with wired kind of dreams, it is a very good idea to leave kingfisher for a day or two.
pleasant face of jack. hopefully this face helps me to sleep better.- also gambar hiasan

luckily my friend, eina was willing to have a little chat with me. i admit that i feel more comfortable after underwent special 'theraphy' from her. nothing serious actually, just may be hormonal inbalance or anything related with bad effect of facing computer monitor exceed the standard limit.

not busy this week, juz 1-2 classes. and of course the lab. i read less. actually lesser and lesser. anyway i did browse autobiography, castro's. two versions, 1 is written base on interview with the man himself and another is unofficial.

oh ya about stalking. nope. i dont do it physically. i dont follow people around like trackking sumatran rhino. i just sit in front of computer and use search engine to find any infomation about shafeeq. yes shafeeq, my 5 years long crush. he will be graduating soon. so just try my luck. in case of i crossed something that related to him. but the result turn zero. nothing about him.

i cannot find his friendster account. may be he doesnt have 1. i cannot find ekonomi-matematik ums group. i knew he was in the course. absolut nothing. even though i am determined enough to dig deeper and trying search for his former schools. just in case they stored alumni data online. but likewise still nothing. i extended my search to my former good old matric college. still nothing.

nowdays people really communicating virtually. i juz found out a friend is married last week. guess via what?. via her updated friendster's prime photo. go with the flow, i congratulated her through the same channel. i dont have her number. so better type the wish on comment than nothing. i really luv her wedding photos. love is all around this summer right. even though sometime i do feel skeptical about marriage but i cannot deny the fact that i love to see wedding's photos. wedding is basicly beautiful, and of course capturing something beautiful in pixel would be adding extra special sweetnes to the sugar.

the groom with his bride.- gambar hiasan

people annocuncing everything every kind of what and about in their personal page, i.e friendster, blog, etc... and may be just may be we are just feeling to much comfort communicating in text. or expressing??

i told eina that recently i feel romantic when i drive. i dont know whether i used the romantic word correctly, but i think i do. she said how could driving and romantism is related??. hahaha something wired huh?. the choice of probable answers are either i am romantic or.... i am a romantic (read: slow) driver.

anyway congrats to all my friends who graduated. and of course wish of goodness to the newlyweds!!!

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