Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monday oh Monday

ordinary monday. not really busy but 3 and half out of 4 my monday's to do list cannot be done. because people go to the wild. actually i planned to;

1) set up my working station

this station is for my identification process. i need to re-arrange the binocular, microscope, and stuff. but people in identification room are out for hiking the Gunung Tembuyokon. i thought there will be 1 or 2 stayed in the lab. i was wrong. since i dont have key then i cannot execute what i planned

2) arrange class schedule

done. but... thanks to my classmate who done it for me. we planned to arrange the schedule together. so we decided to meet at 10. but i overslept. sorry ismail. i woke up at 5.40 a.m to sembahyang subuh. then tidur balik. woke up again at 7 something. actually i slept at putatan house last night. n drove back to kf at 8.30. i didnt drive a lot. so i am not that cekap on the road. i drove slowly to kf across kk rush hour traffic. even though vehicles started to loosen up at the time. but still the traffic was not that friendly either. i felt a bit tired thats why i jumped to my bed soon after i reached kf. late sms recieved from ismail. stated he taken care of the schedule. thanks buddy!. but i went to ums with edna after that for other stuff.

3) get copy of attendance and claim forms

partly done. i got copy of attendance form for thursday plant diversity lab. but i only have it after 8 pm. earlier planned to fetch those forms from khairul. but he is joining the hiking trip. luckily asilah kindly gave me the attendance form. i dont really need the claim form urgently. so that can wait.

4) manage the specimen

postponed. same reason as no. 1 and 3. all peoples gone hiking this week. except me!!! when will i get my own lab's key.

tomorrow i suppose to;

1) prepare for plant lab.
means i need to go to sst botany lab for further detail

2) contact johnny and ooi
also for the lab.

3) gets the trail & GIS from melda
melda also in the tembuyokon hiking trip. so i guees, this automatically postponed.

i need to read something for my proposal. sudah tentu lah pasal moss flora of borneo. i'll try library esok kalau rajin. most of valuable journals are strored in bilik belajar 2. same ol' same ol' problem, i dont have the key. and people who have are all backpacking to the gunung. the weather is not that friendly here. windy and rainy at late evening. tembuyokon, from my reading is standing 2000++ meters high. so the cuaca and condition must be rougher up there. especially after dark.

i half read a book today. will blog about it in the next entry

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