Sunday, August 3, 2008

i am back

i am back from wild. with bruises and scratches but still in one piece. i went to Sipitang last week. exploring Mount of Lumaku and Muaya Waterfall. Nope, not for fun or adrenaline craving. i went for very hardcore scientific reason. thats it, Lumaku is my official study site. work about that soon will pile up. piccies will be uploaded in next next entry.

i am posting this from my house in KF. not really happy today, as my life is practically tunggang langgang. i am not that busy. at least not yet. after back from Sipitang i have been feel not very well. cough and cold attack. a lot of story from Sipitang but for now i keep it to myself. i will blog about it from time to time.

before back to KF. me, my parents, and my family went to jalan Sulaman for lokan panggang and kelapa bakar hunting. actually my bro's in laws are here to pay a visit. guess who i met there??? my former classmate, zurayanty. she and her friends were also enjoying the delicacies there. we exchange our greetings. and a little chit chat. actually nothing much to say since i am very bad in starting conversation. anyway, she now is doing her teaching training at SMK Datuk Peter Mojuntin, Penampang. i guess she will be graduated soon.

now i am back to this durian's smell-not-so-pleasant-anymore house, and counting days till the next weekend. luckily the internet connection is working if not, i really need to mutilated something or someone. yes! no kidding!

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