Friday, August 29, 2008

confession of pathetic Loser.

*Kaki+Botol= Aquaholic. (now my collection is up to 7 bottles and counting...)

wake up and smell the ethyl acetate. thats what i was doing this morning. nope i am not desperate addict who more than please to inhale the chemical. just i need to collect insect and means i need to preserve my (poor) specimen using the chemical as the preservative and killing agent. (ok may be this sentence is damn boring)

basically i study biology, even though i am learning to specialize in botanical taxonomy but somehow people manage to make me (read: force) to do entomology. (ok the boring dose is increasing rapidly, i know!).

(crap i lost my word!)some pic to balance the heavy freakin' text. - was taken a year ago on his graduation day

i surf and surf and really sunk in the facebook and friendster. people around me either busy or tired. so thats it. even though i tried to stop blogging for a while but surrounding makes me keep on blogging. it is not i am having nothing to do, i do have journals to read, assignment to do, and so on. but for now i choose to not to do it. practically, i am in a relationship with my blog. (Pathetic!).

another cuci mata stuff. - was taken last sunday. proud of this product of SMK Membakut.

i try to be more socialized like a termite or ants (another NERD analogy!). but my environment is not encouraging. i am not planing to be an avid clubber or party animal. just truthfully i do enjoy hang out, sipping tea, exchanging gossips and laughter. yes i do it. just i want to do it more often.

last week before i was assigned to do the insect collection, i told myself, i dont want to bring my specimen home. i want to put them somewhere in lab or anywhere that is not in my bedroom. guess what, i have specimens in my room now. nightmare come true huh?.

sleep alone, i am by absolute means fine with this. but it is really demoralizing my already running-in-small circle social life if i sleep alone with dead insects in my bedroom.

luckily they are just insects (lucky???), if it is something bigger animal i need to collect, it is not impossible there'll be carcass in my room. may be it is not just ethyl i smell but also absolute alcohol, or worse, formalin.

so another something to be put in my profile contents;

jlasyko scanteen is a name used by the writer in the virtual world, she is 20 something years old, jobless, and still live under her parents' roof. she is also collecting dead insects and keep them in her bedroom. she rather smell ethyl acetate in the morning than smell aroma of fresh blend hot coffee.

by the way i dont really drink coffee. prefer tea.

to contact razman or to not to? always hoping see him sometime soon. just hoping.

sometime people need to whine, if you have problems with this try whining!

*kaki botol means alcoholic. but since the writer just drink water not beer so the meaning of proverb is re-define as aquaholic.


green apple said...

best pe study biology, nak pulak bab nematodes, aku la yang beratur paling blakang bila sorang2 kena pegang cacing dengan harapan by the time turn aku klas abis.

Jlascanteen said...

study bio bukan apa.. sbb kimia, fizik, math dah tak boley nak buat. so hambik lah biom yg cikai ni.