Tuesday, August 12, 2008

australian movie and star movie

i watched creature featured movie last sunday with my brothers n liza. aussie movie actually. the setting was in aussie outback. the title was rouge and the creature was aussie salt water croc. typical cliche whatever. it wasnt good movie after all. but since i didnt pay for the tickets so tengok saja lah kan. there were plenty of choice. sex and the city, mummy and few others. but the time of viewing were against our schedule. so thats why we gave the money to the aussie.

i warned my brother that he bought tickets to watch animal planet or ecological lesson. and i was right. first 10 minutes or so, the intro was all about animal in aussie unique outback. minus the marsupials. (they are stupid if they put any marsupials in that movie because marsupials are cute and will destroy the raging croc character). then about unexperienced all english spoken tourists were boarding to the boat to see the aussie outback wonder wildlife. semua pelancong ke australia memang english spoken????

then of course the tourist guide made stupid decision. and the croc attacked the boat. then people start to die 1 by 1. not all of them. tapi ada juga terkejut2 lah. may be i dont know much or this movie lack of fact. i dont really know about animal. because i am specialized (still learning) in plant taxonomy. but i do know 1 thing or two about crocodile. so what showed on the screen sometime pretty ridiculous. croc is a strong and smart creature. when the american hero tried to fish the croc using the anchor and the rope. he looks very fool. in real world the 7 meters long croc could snatch the rope in no time. but in that movie the rope managed to hold the croc for quite sometime. so the actors can swim to the river bank. croc is slowly evolved animal. the present croc is not much different from their ancestor. macam lawan dinosour juga lah ni kiranya.

as far as i know. after meal(in this movie human meat), croc usually resting or sunbathing on the river banks with mouth open. in this movie the croc was returned to her water hole after ate at least 2 adults man. anyway it juz a movie about savage animal. and after all it failed to kill more beautiful picture of australia in my mind.

later that night. i watched the guardian on star movie. actors; kevin costner??? and ashton kutcher. cerita pasal usa coast guard. mcm cerita backdraft (fireman), swat (swat), jaghead (us marine core) man of honour (us world war navy or marine). sama jak cuma uniform n tugas jak lain2. ada training2 the best cadet is the paling nakal. n ada seorang jurulatih dorang yg ada masalah dgn the best cadet tu. so on... emosi2 sikit.

layan saja lah kan... bukan selalu tengok star movie.

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