Thursday, August 21, 2008

the Algae's dilemma

the above picture is algae. a kind of organism that have been classified in plant kingdom. but recently i have been told by a few of people from 'new school of thought', that this algae already removed from plant kingdom and re-classified into the protista kingdom. some people (which is also my friends) who study algae said, algae is not true plant. but still classified as member of plant kingdom. although i am newbie in this taxonomical jumble. but i tend to follow the orthodox school.

yes everyone in biology now go to biotechnology, DNA, chemical extraction, etc..but me still swimming in the pool of morphological-base identification technique. so if any of you readers, have any idea or something to say regarding algae classification or taxonomy and nomenclature or anything about biology. feel free to add comments.

p/s: the pic was taken during my field trip to the beautiful Port Dickson Beach, Malaysia.

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