Friday, August 29, 2008

confession of pathetic Loser.

*Kaki+Botol= Aquaholic. (now my collection is up to 7 bottles and counting...)

wake up and smell the ethyl acetate. thats what i was doing this morning. nope i am not desperate addict who more than please to inhale the chemical. just i need to collect insect and means i need to preserve my (poor) specimen using the chemical as the preservative and killing agent. (ok may be this sentence is damn boring)

basically i study biology, even though i am learning to specialize in botanical taxonomy but somehow people manage to make me (read: force) to do entomology. (ok the boring dose is increasing rapidly, i know!).

(crap i lost my word!)some pic to balance the heavy freakin' text. - was taken a year ago on his graduation day

i surf and surf and really sunk in the facebook and friendster. people around me either busy or tired. so thats it. even though i tried to stop blogging for a while but surrounding makes me keep on blogging. it is not i am having nothing to do, i do have journals to read, assignment to do, and so on. but for now i choose to not to do it. practically, i am in a relationship with my blog. (Pathetic!).

another cuci mata stuff. - was taken last sunday. proud of this product of SMK Membakut.

i try to be more socialized like a termite or ants (another NERD analogy!). but my environment is not encouraging. i am not planing to be an avid clubber or party animal. just truthfully i do enjoy hang out, sipping tea, exchanging gossips and laughter. yes i do it. just i want to do it more often.

last week before i was assigned to do the insect collection, i told myself, i dont want to bring my specimen home. i want to put them somewhere in lab or anywhere that is not in my bedroom. guess what, i have specimens in my room now. nightmare come true huh?.

sleep alone, i am by absolute means fine with this. but it is really demoralizing my already running-in-small circle social life if i sleep alone with dead insects in my bedroom.

luckily they are just insects (lucky???), if it is something bigger animal i need to collect, it is not impossible there'll be carcass in my room. may be it is not just ethyl i smell but also absolute alcohol, or worse, formalin.

so another something to be put in my profile contents;

jlasyko scanteen is a name used by the writer in the virtual world, she is 20 something years old, jobless, and still live under her parents' roof. she is also collecting dead insects and keep them in her bedroom. she rather smell ethyl acetate in the morning than smell aroma of fresh blend hot coffee.

by the way i dont really drink coffee. prefer tea.

to contact razman or to not to? always hoping see him sometime soon. just hoping.

sometime people need to whine, if you have problems with this try whining!

*kaki botol means alcoholic. but since the writer just drink water not beer so the meaning of proverb is re-define as aquaholic.

Monday, August 25, 2008

menunggu cinta Hektornya Bab 2

english translation is not available.
bab 2: Arjuna

dia tahu arjuna bukan Hektor yang dicarinya. tapi dia bersemangat untuk menatap kembali wajah arjuna setelah bertahun-tahun tidak bersua. ya arjuna masih seperti dulu. kacak tampan dan gagah di mata nya.

hatinya kembali berbunga ceria apabila melihat dari jauh kelibat arjuna yang sentiasa dalam ingatannya. malangnya hanya sekejap cuma. dalam hatinya waahh... seronok bagai tak terkata.
arjuna menghilang dari pandangannya. sedikit kecewa.

ketika ini tekadnya bukan menunggu cinta Hektor, tapi mencari arjuna. berlari lari lah dia di dataran. meredah terik mentari tanpa menghiraukan tekaknya yang kering. hampir putus harapannya bila arjuna hilang dari pandangan mata. penantian bertahun-tahun itu hanya dibayar dengan saguhati, iaitu melihat arjuna dari jauh.

tapi dia bersabar. nekad mencari arjuna. dan yang terbaik untuk yang sabar. dia ketemu juga kembali arjuna. kini sangat hampir dan jelas arjuna dimatanya. dia cuma mampu berdiri dan melihat saja arjuna. tidak banyak yang boleh dilakukan selain dari itu.

arjuna dengan gagah memacu tunggangannya. memacu dengan deras sehingga hilang dari pandangannya. dihatinya sudah lama tahu arjuna bukan Hektor yang ditunggu. dihatinya kini sudah tahu arjuna tidak akan muncul lagi didepannya. itu lah yang terakhir kali. hanya pandangan mata menyusul dibelakang arjuna.

dia teruskan menunggu cinta Hektornya.

nota tangan: tentera Yunani hampir berputus asa. kerana tembok Kota Troy amat sukar untuk dimusnahkan. hampir habis daya mereka. Agemmenon naik berang. dia mengarahkan panglimanya meneruskan serangan. moral Yunani makin rapuh apabila mendapat tahu Putera Hector mengepalai pertahanan Troy. Hector menaikkan semangat askarnya, tapi dalam hati, Hector tahu ribut malapetaka yang bakal menimpa empayar ayahandanya. ternyata Hector benar kali itu.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Menunggu Cinta Hektornya Bab 1

Menunggu Cinta Hektornya Bab 1 (english: Waiting for her Hector's Love chapter 1). full english translation is currenty not available.

bab 1: siapa hektornya?

siapa hektornya? adakah hektor itu si kelasi yang sedang menjelajah samudera, mencari kekayaan emas hitam. seorang yang kerap dia ketemu tanpa rancangan. acap kali tanpa disangka si kelasi muncul didepannya. sehinggakan dia hampir sangkakan si kelasi ialah hektornya tapi,bukan. itu bukan hektornya.

siapa hektornya? dulu dia sangkakan sang biduan yang mengalunkan suara yang sungguh merdu itu adalah hektornya. tetapi akhirnya dia ketahui sang biduan tidak ditakdirkan menjadi hektornya. sang biduan juga akhirnya mengambil keputusan menjelajah samudera mencari emas hitam yang tak ternilai harganya.

siapa hektornya? pandang kiri pandang kanan akhirnya dia sangkakan si pengemudi rata (chariot) itu lah hektornya. betapa pengemudi rata itu buatkan hatinya berbunga-bunga setiap kali terlihat nya. betapa dia sentiasa ternanti-nanti si pengemudi rata. tapi dia tahu akan ketetapan alam adapun si pengemudi rata itu bukanlah hektornya

siapa hektornya? dia terkenang kepada si arjuna yang pernah buatnya tersenyum. dia ada simpan harapan dulu bahawa si arjuna lah hektornya. si arjuna lah permata intan di matanya. si arjuna lah buat dia tercari-cari. ditunggu bertahun-tahun. buruk arjuna itu boleh menjadi baik dimatanya. tapi dia juga telah lama ketahui arjuna bukan hektornya.

siapa hektornya? adakah si sarjana? oh.. tidak sarjana itu juga bukan hektornya. mungkin di hari lain sarjana itu boleh menjadi hektornya. pada hari ini sarjana yang buatkannya ceria di kala matahari tegak diatas kepala itu bukan hektornya.

siapa hektornya itu masih samar. apakah dalam kesibukkan mencari hektornya, si Hektor sedang berada didepannya?.

sang biduan
pengemudi rata

nota tangan: watak Hektor itu dicedok dari watak Putera Hector. seorang pahlawan Troy dalam lagenda kuno dari Laut Agean. Putera Hector mati dalam usahanya mempertahankan Kota Troy dibawah pimpinan ayahandanya Raja Priam dari serangan Yunani. Putera Hector mati dibunuh oleh pahlawan Yunani bernama Achilles. dan akhirnya Kota Troy jatuh ke tangan Yunani dibawah kuasaan Agemmennon.

Marine Borneo Museum Part 1

1 of ways you can enjoy underwater's view without getting wet is by visiting Marine Borneo Museum. They have big tank here. you can see turtle, fishes, starfish, mollusc, and of course coral. yes it is not as beautiful as the view you see when you scuba diving. but for those who cannot afford diving and who afraid to get into the deep blue sea (like me!), this is very wonderful. i can gaze those fishes for hour... oh ya , Marine Borneo Museum is located at University of Malaysia Sabah's main campus (i study here actually =)). anyway enjoy these piccies. comments are welcome! beautiful!

beautiful creature!

box fish


p/s: pictures were taken by using Syareena's Magenta Sony digicam. thanks Rina!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Padas River and Pangi Dam, Beaufort-Tenom, Sabah.

more photos of Padas River and Pangi Dam. Pangi Dam is a hydroelectric generator, responsible for supplying electrical power to population of Beaufort and Labuan Is. photos were taken when i was on the moving train. Pangi Dam, Tenom Sabah

Pangi Dam, Tenom Sabah

Raging Padas River

Padas River Beaufort, Sabah Borneo

calm part of Padas River

the Post-Grad's dilemma

i am spending too much time updating my blog. well i need to scribble some crap to earn a nickel. it is not like i am forgetting my duty to study and to do the freakin' research. hey! i am 20 something unemployed, living on my parents' courtesy, and soon will be working with microscope. by absolute mean i need to learn how to earn money. thats why i am really attached with my blog recently. by nature i am not business-oriented kind of person. but i dont think it is wrong for a person like me learning 1 thing or two about marketing. i choose biology. or vice versa. whatever it is... i am studying biology for real. and i am blogging seriously now. (ok you can laugh very hard on this statement). science is fun (laugh laugh laugh... till you cry). blogging is more fun (seriously it is feel more like tranquilizer now!)

i havent do my research. not even a bit!. i havent arrange my specimens. let alone identify them. i need to a lot of literatures (which i cannot have yet). i need key to open the lab's bloody hook or by crook i need to get it done. i need to get my research done.

oh ya.. thinking about my buddy, Razman a lot lately. its been a year since the last time i met him. on his graduation day last year. i cannot go to Sandakan to see him as he cannot go to KK to see me. hopefully someday we can hang out together again, or traveling around Sabah. i really want to go to Tanjung Simpang Mengayau a.k.a Tip of Borneo, and relaxing on the island (i.e Tiga, Manukan, Sapi, Memutik) and may be breathing Mount Kinabalu's fresh air. but time and money always be are problems right?. i am living on west coast facing South China Sea, while him is living on the east coast facing Sulu Sea, till we meet again.

anyway when i was blog-hopping (as i always do) i found this blog. about RESEARCHERS. i like this blog. simply like it!!!

p/s: blog is just blog not a life. research is just a research but sometime it is part of life. (what a crap!)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Piece of Memory, Sabah Train, Borneo.

photos of Sabah Train. took when i was using this decades old transportation during my travel to Tenom. currently Sabah State Gov. is upgrading Sabah Train service, because train service is very vital for people in Beaufort-Tenom remote area. (i.e Saliwangan, Pangi, Halaogilat). Beaufort-Tenom railway is located on the bank of Padas River. i am very glad bcoz i captured some pics of Sabah historical train service.Young Lad clung on the couch's entrance

open air train. no air-conditioner

my economy class ticket. Beaufort-Tenom. cost me only MYR 2.75 (less than USD1)

in the couch. these kids stand for almost 3 hours, before reached Tenom Station.

villagers stopped the train for boarding. no need to go to station.. hahaha

Mother and her children waited to board the train

Hawker selling food and beverages to the passengers, most of the time beer is also available!

crowded coach.

Beaufort Train Station.

Padas River, Beaufort Sabah.

these are pictures of Padas River, Beaufort Sabah Borneo. i took these sometime when i was traveling between Beaufort-Tenom via the only train service in Borneo, Sabah Train. Photos taken when i was on the moving train.
Padas River

Padas River

Rapid water. suitable for adventure seeker.

Adrenaline junkie, get your raft and paddle ready!

Padas River. along the Beaufort-Tenom Railway

Kuala Selangor, Malaysia

Kuala Selangor, Malaysia is one of places on earth where you can observe fireflies (a kind of unique insect with bio-ilummination). The surrounding at Taman Alam Kuala Selangor is very greeny and suitable for those who loves nature. anyway enjoy my photos. comments are welcome!Deep Ecology huh??

My buddy, Fahmi under hot blazing Malaysia's Sun. He walked along the trail.

vegetation at Taman Alam Kuala Selangor.

Fern of Kuala Selangor

Mangrove at Taman Alam, Kuala Selangor.

corridor for visitors (so you dont need to dip your favourite sneakers in the mud)

view of Melawati Hill from Taman Alam Kuala Selangor, Malaysia.

Secondary Forest of Kuala Selangor

p/s: another place where you can observe fireflies in Malaysia is Klias, Beaufort Sabah Borneo.

the Algae's dilemma

the above picture is algae. a kind of organism that have been classified in plant kingdom. but recently i have been told by a few of people from 'new school of thought', that this algae already removed from plant kingdom and re-classified into the protista kingdom. some people (which is also my friends) who study algae said, algae is not true plant. but still classified as member of plant kingdom. although i am newbie in this taxonomical jumble. but i tend to follow the orthodox school.

yes everyone in biology now go to biotechnology, DNA, chemical extraction, etc..but me still swimming in the pool of morphological-base identification technique. so if any of you readers, have any idea or something to say regarding algae classification or taxonomy and nomenclature or anything about biology. feel free to add comments.

p/s: the pic was taken during my field trip to the beautiful Port Dickson Beach, Malaysia.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Malaysian stream and waterfall

these are piccies of Malaysian streams and waterfall. in my previous entries i uploaded bunch of pics of Muaya Waterfall, Sipitang Sabah. You may check out my archive to browse those piccies. anyway enjoy the view!Sedim River, Kedah.
View of Sedim River from the canopy walk.

Gabai Waterfall, Selangor.

view of Borneo from air

this pic was taken sometime during my 3 years back n forth from KL-KK-KL again. this is a view of west coastline of Sabah. somewhere near the state's capital Kota Kinabalu.

Olympic-Beijing 2008

i dont really keep myself update about what and about in Beijing. but i did watch live telecast of badminton men's single final match between Chinese Lin Dan and my compatriot Lee Chong Wei. Lee lost to Lin Dan. it was not easy to fight giant on his own turf. Congratulation to Lee! i am proud of u~!.

as i browse the net and blog-hopping. i encountered with another Gold-Olympian's blog. so you may check his blog by clicking this.

wish all the best to Malaysian team! Malaysia Boleh!

Monday, August 18, 2008

majlis menitir

semalam majlis menitir (kenduri doa selamat) diadakan di rumah keluarga ku. menitir lazim diadakan pada bulan Syaaban sebagai tanda kesyukuran menyambut bulan Ramadhan tidak lama lagi. tetamu2 yang hadir terdiri dari jemaah surau dakhwatul ummah kg. saga-saga pimping, ahli keluarga, jiran2 dan rakan2 rapat.jemaah membaca doa.
sepupu2, makcik2, jiran2, ahli keluarga yang hadir. see the crawling toddlers? he is my cousin's 6 months old son.
kaum ibu. mak cik2 dan jiran2 yang hadir

terima kasih kepada tetamu yang hadir dan ahli keluarga yang membantu kami menjayakan majlis menitir. walaupun aku kurang menyumbang tenaga. personally i prefer have a quiet weekend with my family. tapi tak apa lah utk kali ini, bagus juga sekurang-kurangnya dapat berjumpa dgn saudara mara. and of course ada makan2 lepas baca doa kan.. hehehe. apa yang penting ialah doa kesyukuran sempena menyambut bulan Ramadhan tidak lama lagi. mudah-mudahan kita semua dilimpahi rahmat pada bulan yang mulia itu.

p/s: photos taken by using my brother's nokia hp. bcoz my camera is kaput. and bcoz of he didnt transfer these pics to my pc last night. i fetch these from his friendster page. thanks to him anyway.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

relaxing and stalking

unshaven christian look very manly- gambar hiasan

i am back to relax n spend the rest of my weekend here at my family's kampung pimping permanent residence. after endured couples of sleepless nights with wired kind of dreams, it is a very good idea to leave kingfisher for a day or two.
pleasant face of jack. hopefully this face helps me to sleep better.- also gambar hiasan

luckily my friend, eina was willing to have a little chat with me. i admit that i feel more comfortable after underwent special 'theraphy' from her. nothing serious actually, just may be hormonal inbalance or anything related with bad effect of facing computer monitor exceed the standard limit.

not busy this week, juz 1-2 classes. and of course the lab. i read less. actually lesser and lesser. anyway i did browse autobiography, castro's. two versions, 1 is written base on interview with the man himself and another is unofficial.

oh ya about stalking. nope. i dont do it physically. i dont follow people around like trackking sumatran rhino. i just sit in front of computer and use search engine to find any infomation about shafeeq. yes shafeeq, my 5 years long crush. he will be graduating soon. so just try my luck. in case of i crossed something that related to him. but the result turn zero. nothing about him.

i cannot find his friendster account. may be he doesnt have 1. i cannot find ekonomi-matematik ums group. i knew he was in the course. absolut nothing. even though i am determined enough to dig deeper and trying search for his former schools. just in case they stored alumni data online. but likewise still nothing. i extended my search to my former good old matric college. still nothing.

nowdays people really communicating virtually. i juz found out a friend is married last week. guess via what?. via her updated friendster's prime photo. go with the flow, i congratulated her through the same channel. i dont have her number. so better type the wish on comment than nothing. i really luv her wedding photos. love is all around this summer right. even though sometime i do feel skeptical about marriage but i cannot deny the fact that i love to see wedding's photos. wedding is basicly beautiful, and of course capturing something beautiful in pixel would be adding extra special sweetnes to the sugar.

the groom with his bride.- gambar hiasan

people annocuncing everything every kind of what and about in their personal page, i.e friendster, blog, etc... and may be just may be we are just feeling to much comfort communicating in text. or expressing??

i told eina that recently i feel romantic when i drive. i dont know whether i used the romantic word correctly, but i think i do. she said how could driving and romantism is related??. hahaha something wired huh?. the choice of probable answers are either i am romantic or.... i am a romantic (read: slow) driver.

anyway congrats to all my friends who graduated. and of course wish of goodness to the newlyweds!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

plant diversity lab

i am really tired after done this lab. all kind of questions asked. and i juz found out that algae is no longer in the plant kingdom and re-classified as portista??? is it true?. because last time i had cryptogam botany class, algae was still considered as plant. if anyone have opinion about this plz kindly leave comments. i still stick with the old regime, and treat algae as a member of plant kingdom. at least until an expert tell me algae is not a plant. the algae dilemma huh??

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

east coast of malaysia peninsular

these photos were taken during our visit to Pahang and Terengganu. Beaches there are very beautiful. we ourself also live on the west coastline of Sabah. so technically we are really attached to sea and beach.
Boardwalk. Teluk Chempedak, Kuantan Pahang.


Teluk Chempedak

Teluk Chempedak

Tourists with oversize sunnies... hahahaha

relaxing n enjoying the beauty of Losong beach.

my parents. (standing far behind is me busy texting mek jie)

Kuala Terengganu

South China Sea view from Teluk Chempedak

whats up with this pic??? Losong Beach Terengganu.

Teluk Chempedak Beach, Kuantan Pahang.

Teluk Chempedak beach, Kuantan Pahang.

p/s: during my visit to teluk chempedak, that was the first time i wore jeans again (2007). as far as i can remember the last time i wore denim was around 1999. so i live minus denim about 8 years...