Saturday, July 5, 2008


punya lah hazab mo buka internet ni, ok lah kali ni cerita pasal hellboy.. aku tgk hellboy di tv3 semalam. ok lah juga hellboy.. sebenarnya aku bercadang utk nonton hellboy2 dipawagam nanti.. so aku tau lah asal usul cerita hellboy ni. grafik dia ok la not outdated walaupun teknologi 4-5 tahun yg lalu... at least didnt look pretty fake. anyway jalan cerita mcm biasa komik lah kan... meti ada monster mengarut bagai mcm2... aku suka cerita ni sebab intro tu pasal perang dunia ke2. since i like movie yang ada setting zaman dulu2, so berkenan la dgn selera aku..

private practice mcm ntah apa2 lah cerita tu... macam ketara berlakon saja doktor2 nya... tp baru tgk 2 episodes.. so mungkin lama2 suka lah tu. mcm 24 dulu aku x suka tapi lama2 suka juga. walaupun x tau hujung pangkal cerita. sadly grey's anatomy also almost failed to catch my attention. semua cerita mcm keras sekarang ni. may be i spend to much tym in front of the tube.

but i do like prison break, i cant wait for the next season. from E!, they said that in the next season scofield n lincoln will try to break in instead of break out. hopefully its gonna be more interesting. my guess t-bag will rule the panama prison and mahone will join the Company and be a badass again. at first i thought the brothers will try to break in the panama prison to save sucre, (but bodo lah scofield tu kalau try nak main dekat2 dgn penjara tu sedangkan dia tu fugitive). from E! they said the botak brothers will try to break in government building. i guess scofield still wants to seek revenge with the sara's killer, but lincoln is more interested to stay low key with his son than looking for the one who framed him.

my name is earl and how i met your mother are also ended their seasons. and i am waiting for both's new seasons. oh ya another to catch up is ugly betty. yes i didnt follow when it was aired on 8tv, luckily star world is juz started airing ugly betty new season. i have to admit that i feel sad when santos (hilda's bf) was shot and dead. anyway it is more realistic to 'kills' the character since he was shot point blank on last season's finale.

another character that may be 'killed' is csi's warrick brown. i watched the finale thrice but still i cant conclude whether he was shot once or twice. my guess if juz one bullet it is logic that he will return in the next season. but 2 bullets in the neck, well in real world is more likely no no no.. but in tv most anticipated series who knows... remember csi miami's delko, the bullet was stuck in his head but he was survived. csi new york? my guess the answer of the taylor's '3' problem will be revealed on season finale. and i do hope that taylor will date stella.

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