Thursday, July 24, 2008

ratapan anak tiri

graduating mode is activated. opps not me, i already graduated last year, and still have a long way before put on the mortar-board for second time. most of my childhood friends will be graduated this summer (mengada2 mimang di malaysia ni hari2 pun summer), i mean this august. we are friends and foes from yesteryears, we were in the same kindergarten, primary, and high school. we lived in the same kampung, where everyone is related to everyone. another friend will collect her scroll is ning. she and i used to be roomies back then in matric college. now she is my instant messaging buddy.

i am happy for them. even though i went to UKM, but i have been UMSian in heart since my freshman year. thats why i left my old campus in Bangi and be official UMSian last January. i never said i love ukm, but i do miss old Bangi campus. on last year UMS' convo fair a.k.a tamu gadang, i spent the whole weekend in UMS. i didnt spend that much time at the UKM's convo fair. to date i haven't say love to UMS yet, but one thing make this new campus different from old one, that is i have heart for it.

people here will never know this. a lot of time i do feel like anak tiri ibtp. i know my M.Sc. degree is not commercial. and i choose to do it by coursework. i choose UMS even though UKM has a better offer, finish M.Sc. by coursework within 1 year (2 semesters) and much much cheaper.
here i need 18 months to pocket the scroll. and of course with mounted amount of my dad's cash. i refused the better offer because is not juz about the scroll. it is because i have heart for this place. i have heart for Taxonomy and Biodiversity. yes, it is not love. juz heart. what people here do to someone who have heart for UMS??? they will break it.

why i say i feel like anak tiri ibtp???? first we (me and 2 other course mates) dont have place or table in post-graduate study room. we dont even have pigeon hole let alone key to open lab's door. but those research students are treating every single rooms in ibtp like their own house. even their stupid personal belongings are placing here and there. we pay much more expensive fee and we fork out from our own purse (in my case, dad pays for everything). some of research students are splashed with research grant money. and self-funded like me cant even borrow a book from ibtp's library!!!. they dont allow me to borrow a book!. how suck is that.

residence students (those who did their B.Sc. under ibtp then continue to do M.Sc.) have bulks of privileges. i am ok with that. since they have been there earlier than me. all i ask is give the same room and the same facilities to newbies like us. i am not asking for star and moon, and i dont even want to literally live in ibtp like those residence students.

may be this is why this Ivory Tower is still struggling in their marketing department.

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