Friday, July 4, 2008

News Freak


bcoz of the internet connection is very disappointing, i cant continue my posting about 'My memory box'. but i will try soon.

a lot of things happen recently in Malaysia, now i am officially a news freak. be it buletin utama or buletin 1.30 on tv3, warta negeri on rtm, or bernama tv and awani's update.. i have seen them all. still i always updating my E! news with ryan and his friends. and sometime i also looking for the latest update via alternative media.

doesnt matter which is right or wrong or whatever... but i do fell entertained by all those news. it is like tv soap. very interesting and dramatic. when i watch news on tv now the feeling is not much different from watching jack bauer is running all night long try to save america in 24. yeah i always want to know who will blow the next evidence against who, and who has the next best denial.

yeah all of these are crap. they are fighting and grabbing each others' neck, and say their opponent is the worst of all. actually they are juz like are different meats in the same bowl of barbecue sauce. took different time to be cooked but all covered with same essential.

this what happen when people forgot about the morale values from old folks stories that their grandmas' told them. about pak kaduk, pak pandir, si luncai, tuah and jebat, puteri gunung ledang, singapura dilanggar todak (may be need to be changed to malaysia dilanggar todak)

my say to them; kamu nak bersorak nak bertikam nak berludah nasib kamu lah... tapi jangan menang bertikam menang berludah lepas tu orang lain hidup menderita.

kepada penyibuk dari washington dc; fuck off!

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