Monday, July 14, 2008

my noon melodrama

i juz came back from campus, all sweat.. since today is very hot and sizzling. ok as planned i went to cps office to settle about my registration. i was a bit pissed without capital p when there is debt in my ledger. so i start to bring out the receipt from last semester as an evidence that i am not study here for free. then the poor clerk start to gelabah, of course she is, because she doesnt really know about the fee thingy. i told her to ask her superior about that. i tried to keep the erupted anger together, and not easily snapped at the poor clerk.

sadly her superior is rozaida. i juz want to get clarification about what i paid for last semester, i paid MYR4390 and they didnt really state what i pay for. this rozaida come to me with hell attitude. she snapped at me, this is not the first time and i am not the only student she snapped at. i force her to show me her mathematical skill and tell me numerically what i paid for. then she said that the debt in my ledger is this new semester's fee, MYR1188. ok i argue a little bit about it, juz want to push her to the corner and see her ticked like time bomb. lucky for her when black tie azmi came to rescue.

few weeks ago, i went to the office to ask about result and registration, because of the web portal announced pre-registration will be started from 1st june-1st july. she was raised her tone to me, and said that she didnt know about the information in the web portal and the result will be released on 4th july. the night before the 4th july, i checked the web portal again, and the announcement stated, the result will only be available to be fetched on 10th july. she works in the small department without knowing what happen in the department's schedule. i give her discredit for that.

if i paid MYR4390 do not ever reject me, let alone snap at me when i ask for clarification. to date i do not have financial assistance or scholarship, and my study is funded by my father's cash. so if this rozaida try to push me around without give me explanation that i demand, i will give her more 'lesson' next time. i am the customer here, and you are the worker. when i spend the much amount of cash on your organization, i expect that you serve me as i deserve. the only thing that spare rozaida from my venomized tounge is her husband. her husband is working in ibtp, means we are in the same department. he is always willing to help our class to set up the computer and the projector.

after the short noon soap melodrama on the office's counter, the poor clerk returned to take over as rozaida left. the clerk said i cannot register yet because ibtp hasnt listing the courses that need to be registered by the students. same ol' same ol' laziness strike from ibtp. they should prepare all that silly damn courses' list before the new semester started. beside the list problem, my registration is also denied due to the money problem. i must pay MYR1000 cash before registering for the new semester.

another errant done by ums staff today is from KF's admin office. the admin clerk didnt know where is the key for my room. they dont even competent to guard their keys, yet they still receive full pay cheque every month. the young&married clerk boy is lucky that i didnt scape-goating him after the cps' crappy problem.

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