Wednesday, July 23, 2008

internet is revived

since last sunday our internet had been disconnected. the TM technician came to our house twice. yesterday and this very morning. i played hostee this morning. actually the phone line is damn fine. the problem was the modem, which had been a litlle bit fuzzy and couldnt recognize our PCs. no thanks to do-it-yourself password changing by the rummies. next time do not selamba2 change the password if you dont know how.

actually they want to change the password for wireless security. but somehow they actually changed the log in password, which shut down our connectivity to the modem. i already solved the password changing for the wireless security. and today i fixed the log in password problem and saved everybody from the boredom.

when i called the TM hotline 100 on monday, the telephonist instructed me to locate the error. what i found was media disconnected was the culprit. and i was pretty sure, the phone line is juz fine, and the blame went to the devices. i was worried that we need to replace our very pin in the ass expensive modem router. and today the technician said the same. which also means i am right!!!

i am gleeful that i am right and i am very 'technies-savvy-chick' today!!!. also... our modem is still offer its service to us!

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