Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I had a dream

i had a dream last night. i dont really remember exactly but i do remember the sweetest part.
my crush (actually used to be) appeared in my dream. hahaha...

nothing special, the scene was in the supermarket or grocery shop. he was in white shirt and black tie. he greets me first.

i have lot of crushes but he is one of my favourite crush a part from abang bas and the infamous tall and handsome shafeeq. i met him in matriculation college, we were in the same chemistry and mathematic class. since i was reading life science and he was studying physic, we didnt really cross each other except in the chemistry and mathematic lectures. but we did attend a picnic together with his classmates and my classmates.

i always spent most of the time in mathematic class stared at him. because i dont really like math in fact i am suck in math. rather than paid attention to my lecture i was more than happy stared at him from my seat. at that time i always picked the seat that gave me clear view of him.

after finished 1 year matriculation, i enrolled to ukm. first i thought thats it i will never see him again, because i am sabahan and he is sarawakian. it was 2004 when everyone in Malaysia was possessed by friendster. then like a stalker, i tried to find him in the web. at first i got nothing. until my buddy, nel has him in his friend's list. then through that i add my crush as friend. i exchanged few messages. since starting decent communication is not my biggest asset, so i didnt know how to keep those texts interesting. plus i didnt really want to reveal my crush for him.

but in 2005 i went to sibu sarawak, because my brother got engage. then after the engagement business was settle, we went to kuching city. when i was strolling in a tun jugah mall, i saw a guy who is look pretty familiar to my eyes. that was my crush. yes him. how a beautiful coincidence. me fly from kk to sibu then to kuching, all of sudden met my crush at the mall. from what i know, he wasnt from kuching, his hometown is about 500 km from kuching, may be somewhere in bintulu or miri. we had a little chit chat, at the time my heart was pumping outside my chest.. very nervous and extremely happy.

then met him again during my final year in ukm (that was end of 2006 or early 2007). also what a beautiful heaven on earth situation for me. i was rushing. then as i walk i saw a guy in white shirt, sit alone by himself. i proceed to where i want to go at the first place. after a while, i met him again. then he greeted me first. my crush came all the way from southern johor to meet me... oppps ok lie. actually he was there for official matters, he wanted to see a professor. at the same time there was nel popped out of nowhere. then we all together had impromptu reunion. nel asked for his number. i was asking my crush to stay with nel in bangi juz in case he didnt have place. but my crush said he stayed in KL with his aunt.

after that i asked my crush number from nel, then we exchanged few lame messages. only then i knew my sparkle crush for him have been faded away. but i was happy that i had seen him phisycally again, TWICE. yes the feeling is far gone. i never told him about that, and he doesnt have to know. i am happy today because the internet is revived and i can blog about one of my crush who was appeared in my dream last night

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