Thursday, July 10, 2008


i cut my hair. yes i kept it long for 1 and half year. the last tym i had it cut juz before my last semester in ukm started, around late december 2006.

before i cut it, my hair was look like yoko ono's when she was protesting the vietnam war with husband, john. after the cut my hair look like john's when he sang imagine (except mine is black).

deep down in my heart i want to keep it longer. and only cut it when i find my aim in life (very chezzy huh?). i guess that gonna take a very long tym. so i take my ma advice, and juz cut it. bcoz i look very messy with long hair. the night before i took tones of pic of me with long hair.

anyway i cut it. so i make peace with my new hair cut.

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Jim said...

You should be pleased with your haircut. It's a cute haircut, & you are very attractive! Don't be so hard on yourself.

Very interesting blog, too! Thanks for commenting on my blog, so that I was able to find my way here. I'll be returning often... interesting things here. :)