Thursday, July 24, 2008

guess what single n bored do....

for today sight seeing.

this late afternoon after dropping my application in ibtp, i went to sight seeing by myself. yes, alone. i took few photos of view from ibtp and the marine school. drove alone to the far far away marine school juz to see the scenery of south china sea. i am from kampung pimping so this a little bit ridiculous, because my hometown is situated on the west coastline of Sabah, and practically, i grow up breathing the breeze of south china sea.

anyway juz enjoy the photos ok..

this pic macam cantik. cantik dimataku lah... mata org lain aku tak tahu

marine school ada drift track??? nanti boleh convert to drift school. oh ya see the tiny long jetty??? tak berani saya pergi sana seorang diri. but the view is very beautiful.

from parking bay at ibtp

scene of south china sea from marine school (pipeline tu kasi spoilt gambar jak)

hilly long road of marine school

i like this one. less asphalt more sea view.

from the top of ibtp's hill.

nice view but gambar senget, because i scared to go further to the cliff

scene of south china sea view from ibtp

see the construction below?? it is for biotechnology research institute. kinda spoilt the green view of pic.

actually i want to take more pic around ums, but since i was alone, so takut2 juga jalan seorang tempat2 yang sunyi. even inside the campus compund, keselamatan harus diutamakan. hopefully, nanti aku ambil gambar admin twin tower. the most proud erection in ums main campus!

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