Tuesday, July 8, 2008

from all around the kampung

ok i am may be sound mengumpat but well for me this is like more to opinion than umpatan. one of my paternal relative is currently not in a good shape of health. i visited her once. yes she is old... but before she seems to be alright. the night before she got sick she event went to the surau.

people got sick is very organic and natural matter, and we must accept that.the problem is her children refuse to send her to the hospital. they over and over again insist that their mother is juz 'ketaguran' (tersampuk, or something supernatural messed with her). she has been sick for 3 weeks or so... all the stupid children did is send their mother to the bomoh. i am pissed every time i heard the update about poor mak cik.

she needs medical treatment. i dont know why the children (all male) are cruel enough to see powerlessly their mother suffers alone. i am not rule out totally the demon-messing-around theory, but nothing wrong if they juz send their mother to the hospital. they may continue the bomoh treatments stuff, but for her sake, plz send the poor mak cik to the hospital. juz forget about whose gonna watch her there, hospital has nurses and doctors. if you dont want to take care of her do not deny her right to receive medical attention.

some people are stupid and some people are acting to be stupid and juz cruel.

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