Thursday, July 17, 2008

durian hater

i am not a fan of durian. i dont eat durian. i hate its musang's smell. when i was blog hopping last night guess what i found, other people out there also hate durian like i am. fellow blogger difinitely maybe has the same hate for the raja buah.

actually when i was younger, i cried if i smell the durian.

i dont like durian and i am not alone hahahaha.


ning5044 said...

wooo!! your blog nmpk professional sudah..

I know you really hate durian!! i still remember last time...

When i offer you bubur durian!! when i knew that you don't like durian's smell, that's y i go to the other room & eat alone!!


Jlascanteen said...


memang lah aku nda suka durian. but sekarang nda seteruk dulu. i can tolerate dgn peminat durian. but still i dont eat durian