Thursday, July 24, 2008

ratapan anak tiri

graduating mode is activated. opps not me, i already graduated last year, and still have a long way before put on the mortar-board for second time. most of my childhood friends will be graduated this summer (mengada2 mimang di malaysia ni hari2 pun summer), i mean this august. we are friends and foes from yesteryears, we were in the same kindergarten, primary, and high school. we lived in the same kampung, where everyone is related to everyone. another friend will collect her scroll is ning. she and i used to be roomies back then in matric college. now she is my instant messaging buddy.

i am happy for them. even though i went to UKM, but i have been UMSian in heart since my freshman year. thats why i left my old campus in Bangi and be official UMSian last January. i never said i love ukm, but i do miss old Bangi campus. on last year UMS' convo fair a.k.a tamu gadang, i spent the whole weekend in UMS. i didnt spend that much time at the UKM's convo fair. to date i haven't say love to UMS yet, but one thing make this new campus different from old one, that is i have heart for it.

people here will never know this. a lot of time i do feel like anak tiri ibtp. i know my M.Sc. degree is not commercial. and i choose to do it by coursework. i choose UMS even though UKM has a better offer, finish M.Sc. by coursework within 1 year (2 semesters) and much much cheaper.
here i need 18 months to pocket the scroll. and of course with mounted amount of my dad's cash. i refused the better offer because is not juz about the scroll. it is because i have heart for this place. i have heart for Taxonomy and Biodiversity. yes, it is not love. juz heart. what people here do to someone who have heart for UMS??? they will break it.

why i say i feel like anak tiri ibtp???? first we (me and 2 other course mates) dont have place or table in post-graduate study room. we dont even have pigeon hole let alone key to open lab's door. but those research students are treating every single rooms in ibtp like their own house. even their stupid personal belongings are placing here and there. we pay much more expensive fee and we fork out from our own purse (in my case, dad pays for everything). some of research students are splashed with research grant money. and self-funded like me cant even borrow a book from ibtp's library!!!. they dont allow me to borrow a book!. how suck is that.

residence students (those who did their B.Sc. under ibtp then continue to do M.Sc.) have bulks of privileges. i am ok with that. since they have been there earlier than me. all i ask is give the same room and the same facilities to newbies like us. i am not asking for star and moon, and i dont even want to literally live in ibtp like those residence students.

may be this is why this Ivory Tower is still struggling in their marketing department.

more picture of the beach

in the previous entry was about scene of south china sea. in this entry pula, is scene of malaca straits. people said one of busiest straits in the world. i dont know. these pic were taken during my field trip to the infamous port dickson beach. to be more precise, at upm's marine institute. sebab tu tidak ramai orang sgt. my peers were busy collecting algae, me?? busy took their pictures. algae di mana2 pantai pun ada, sabah ni kiri kanan laut. so i immortalized our memory in pix.
oh ya this was my first time learned how to do snorkeling. and hopefully not the last lah, sebab tym tu i slipped and cut my finger. really screwed, berdarah2 tangan. tapak kasut (sole) sebelah tertanggal dan tertinggal di sini. orang tinggal footprint jak, aku tinggalkan sole sekali. anyway enjoy the pix.
behind standing: naalobo, me, hajar ahmad
sit: dr ahmad ismail (algae expert)
the background is the malacca straits. saja pilih gambar ni sebab muka tak jelas, enjoy the view sajalah ya...

the beautiful beach.

people on the beach. naked??? entah. if any bukannya nampak pun dalam gambar ni.

nanti entry beach tempat lain ok! coming soon...

guess what single n bored do....

for today sight seeing.

this late afternoon after dropping my application in ibtp, i went to sight seeing by myself. yes, alone. i took few photos of view from ibtp and the marine school. drove alone to the far far away marine school juz to see the scenery of south china sea. i am from kampung pimping so this a little bit ridiculous, because my hometown is situated on the west coastline of Sabah, and practically, i grow up breathing the breeze of south china sea.

anyway juz enjoy the photos ok..

this pic macam cantik. cantik dimataku lah... mata org lain aku tak tahu

marine school ada drift track??? nanti boleh convert to drift school. oh ya see the tiny long jetty??? tak berani saya pergi sana seorang diri. but the view is very beautiful.

from parking bay at ibtp

scene of south china sea from marine school (pipeline tu kasi spoilt gambar jak)

hilly long road of marine school

i like this one. less asphalt more sea view.

from the top of ibtp's hill.

nice view but gambar senget, because i scared to go further to the cliff

scene of south china sea view from ibtp

see the construction below?? it is for biotechnology research institute. kinda spoilt the green view of pic.

actually i want to take more pic around ums, but since i was alone, so takut2 juga jalan seorang tempat2 yang sunyi. even inside the campus compund, keselamatan harus diutamakan. hopefully, nanti aku ambil gambar admin twin tower. the most proud erection in ums main campus!

the sound of musicK

enuf about the crushes stories for now. i am a bit bored right now. i am listening to very damn lame music. not my type of songs. those are my rummies choice. and i have to heard them since some people forgot that the headphone has been invented and re-invented for mankind.

the melody is really Hong Kong's 70's pop. macam bunyi orang putus cinta yang heavily drunk menyanyi.

atu tah barunai banar

sakarang ani kancang aku mempaibun dangan dangan. urang pimping jua sememua bisidia atu. mun aku menulis komen di frenster bisidia abis ku tulis nda tantu tantu. tapi dalam bahasa kami tah. barunai pakat urang pimping. bi si jura, si ayin, si ayang.. siti saja jarang ku paibun. rasa iski jua manulis kurapak kitani ani. ada jua kan di tetawa tetawakan.

cuntuh komen ku atu;
"agatah mambali tudung di tamma"
"agatah kura kurayi barubut atu di tambing"
"nda kau ke tamma, nda ampit karang tudung bebatu"

direct english translation

recently i am always teasing my friends, all of them are from pimping. i wrote ridiculous comments in their friendster page. and i wrote in our thick brunei-pimping dialect. they are jura, ayin, ayang... only siti who rarely got teased. i feel happy to write in our dialect. juz something for gag.

example of my comments;
"go to *tamma and buy tudung"
"go to rinse the *intestine near the river banks"
"dont you go to tamma, (if not) you wont get chance to buy the bling-ed head scarf"

*tamma is a shop in kk. tamma sells plenty of choice of muslim women's apparel and accessories
* intestine (usually buffalo's) is one of most delicacy enjoyed by brunei community in kampung pimping. either stewed, curry-ied, cooked with coconut gravy, or simply boiled and eat with hot-soy-sauce dipping. but to prepare intestine dish is not that easy. we eat other offals too e.g. liver, lung, etc.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

crushes' story

since my posts today are about my crushes in the past, so why not continue blogging about them. yes THEM. i had more than 1 crush in this life.

ok lets talk about the most handsome guy in my crush list (david beckham is listing in special list, so count him out). i met him in matric college, (yes i had more than 1, another was the sarawakian). he is very handsome and tall and has a girlfriend. the couple didn't have problem to overdo their PDA. and me didnt (still dont) have problem to like someone who already in a relationship. after all it was juz feeling. nothing wrong about it as long as i keep it on harmless dose (i think). oh ya.. his name, shafeeq.

like the sarawakian, shafeeq too was physic student. but my crush for shafeeq was something i did openly. i confessed to my friends that i like him. i liked to see him. didn't matter whether he was with his girlfriend, he went to class, or when he was in the mosque. sometime i did, sunk into my feeling to far. juz one thing, i never told him what i felt. this was because he was with someone (kalau konfem single, may be i will). plus i was very careful, since i wasn't very sure about the feeling, either pure or juz a simple 2 weeks crush.

one stupid sweet thing i always remember, one late afternoon i went to admin building. in the elevator i bumped to him. he wore blue long sleeve shirt, carried his backpack. i was standing behind him. the elevator was mildly crowded and when he was stepping backward to find some room behind he accidentally stepped my shoe. then he looked back at me and gently said sorry. wahhh..... what gentleman he was, i tried very hard to look as cool as possible. but my heart was beating like Brazilian samba drum in rio de janiero's carnival. then after that i smiled all the way back to my dorm. i told my roomies and everyone.

i always got updated news about him, thanks to my buddies, razman, nel, and sometime kamarul. they always told me shafeeq's what and about. from how he washed his face to who were his study buddies, when shafeeq did his laundry and how often shafeeq went to mosque. luckily my buddies stayed in the same building with shafeeq. so my informations were very hot and crunchy.

shafeeq might be spent a little to much time with his girlfriend, and laid his hand on her provocatively. and some people in college really hated him because of that. shafeeq used to be a punching bag in ceramah or tazkirah. i wont blame the budak masjid for said such thing to him, because religiously speaking what he did was wrong. for me (may be i biased since i like shafeeq), the budak masjid should tell him what he did wrong in private.

from my buddies, shafeeq never got pissed about being condemned in ceramah. he was still in the jemaah. he still went to mosque regularly. he pocketed some respect for that. he was man enough to admit his mistakes. sadly he did it again and again... kira2 kalis ceramah juga lah dia ni..

on friday shafeeq always wore songkok but never fully dressed baju melayu with sampin. he wore shirt to attend class and changed to baju melayu for friday prayer. always white in colour baju melayu. he also never wore short sleeve shirt as formal apparel. long sleeve shirt in blue, dark blue, purple or purple with strip, may be sometime white. on weekend, he wore his cap a lot. i never saw he wore the college's official neck ties. he own few neckies that matched his shirt.
i never saw him in sarong. although i really like to see him wear it. once a while in my eyes malay man look manly when wears sarong. and personally i think shafeeq is a kind of guy who knows what to wear and when to wear it. but he never dressed to kill. (ooohhh my... i still remember his wardrobe after almost 5 years!!!!)

after finished the matric courses, i never see him again. but dont count me out too soon. i knew that he was studying in ums. i knew first he took geology than changed to mathematic-economy. i knew he joined the canoe team in his freshman year. i knew he stayed in kampung B residential college. i knew he had to do extra semester to finish his study. and he will be graduated officially this august.

hopefully i will see him again, sometime soon. i dont know whether my feeling for him still like then. whatever it will, i cant deny the fact that i stalked him. yeah may be it wasnt crush, it wasnt romance, it was merely obsession. but now it is faded obsession.

p/s: '...kau dan jua aku, dua hati yang tak mungkin bersatu...'- lagu untukmu, meet uncle hussain

he is still the beautiful david

look at him, he is still the beautiful david i used to love in my early teen. he looks bolder in classic black tie. zac looks good too in this picture, but david is the better half by miles.

I had a dream

i had a dream last night. i dont really remember exactly but i do remember the sweetest part.
my crush (actually used to be) appeared in my dream. hahaha...

nothing special, the scene was in the supermarket or grocery shop. he was in white shirt and black tie. he greets me first.

i have lot of crushes but he is one of my favourite crush a part from abang bas and the infamous tall and handsome shafeeq. i met him in matriculation college, we were in the same chemistry and mathematic class. since i was reading life science and he was studying physic, we didnt really cross each other except in the chemistry and mathematic lectures. but we did attend a picnic together with his classmates and my classmates.

i always spent most of the time in mathematic class stared at him. because i dont really like math in fact i am suck in math. rather than paid attention to my lecture i was more than happy stared at him from my seat. at that time i always picked the seat that gave me clear view of him.

after finished 1 year matriculation, i enrolled to ukm. first i thought thats it i will never see him again, because i am sabahan and he is sarawakian. it was 2004 when everyone in Malaysia was possessed by friendster. then like a stalker, i tried to find him in the web. at first i got nothing. until my buddy, nel has him in his friend's list. then through that i add my crush as friend. i exchanged few messages. since starting decent communication is not my biggest asset, so i didnt know how to keep those texts interesting. plus i didnt really want to reveal my crush for him.

but in 2005 i went to sibu sarawak, because my brother got engage. then after the engagement business was settle, we went to kuching city. when i was strolling in a tun jugah mall, i saw a guy who is look pretty familiar to my eyes. that was my crush. yes him. how a beautiful coincidence. me fly from kk to sibu then to kuching, all of sudden met my crush at the mall. from what i know, he wasnt from kuching, his hometown is about 500 km from kuching, may be somewhere in bintulu or miri. we had a little chit chat, at the time my heart was pumping outside my chest.. very nervous and extremely happy.

then met him again during my final year in ukm (that was end of 2006 or early 2007). also what a beautiful heaven on earth situation for me. i was rushing. then as i walk i saw a guy in white shirt, sit alone by himself. i proceed to where i want to go at the first place. after a while, i met him again. then he greeted me first. my crush came all the way from southern johor to meet me... oppps ok lie. actually he was there for official matters, he wanted to see a professor. at the same time there was nel popped out of nowhere. then we all together had impromptu reunion. nel asked for his number. i was asking my crush to stay with nel in bangi juz in case he didnt have place. but my crush said he stayed in KL with his aunt.

after that i asked my crush number from nel, then we exchanged few lame messages. only then i knew my sparkle crush for him have been faded away. but i was happy that i had seen him phisycally again, TWICE. yes the feeling is far gone. i never told him about that, and he doesnt have to know. i am happy today because the internet is revived and i can blog about one of my crush who was appeared in my dream last night

internet is revived

since last sunday our internet had been disconnected. the TM technician came to our house twice. yesterday and this very morning. i played hostee this morning. actually the phone line is damn fine. the problem was the modem, which had been a litlle bit fuzzy and couldnt recognize our PCs. no thanks to do-it-yourself password changing by the rummies. next time do not selamba2 change the password if you dont know how.

actually they want to change the password for wireless security. but somehow they actually changed the log in password, which shut down our connectivity to the modem. i already solved the password changing for the wireless security. and today i fixed the log in password problem and saved everybody from the boredom.

when i called the TM hotline 100 on monday, the telephonist instructed me to locate the error. what i found was media disconnected was the culprit. and i was pretty sure, the phone line is juz fine, and the blame went to the devices. i was worried that we need to replace our very pin in the ass expensive modem router. and today the technician said the same. which also means i am right!!!

i am gleeful that i am right and i am very 'technies-savvy-chick' today!!!. also... our modem is still offer its service to us!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


i need to find supervisor asap. aku bayar mahal ni... and i cant stop fucking bragging about my expensive yuran. the fee is skyrocket damn expensive. if i pay MYR4000++ per semester, i will make sure i get what i want. i ask for what i deserve.

durian hater

i am not a fan of durian. i dont eat durian. i hate its musang's smell. when i was blog hopping last night guess what i found, other people out there also hate durian like i am. fellow blogger difinitely maybe has the same hate for the raja buah.

actually when i was younger, i cried if i smell the durian.

i dont like durian and i am not alone hahahaha.

desperate housemates: money matters?

punya lama mo buka ini site... tersekat2 saja dari tadi sampai aku melayan bamboozle. lucu pula perkataan ni. actually first time aku dengar dari friends, bila joey is trying to practice with ross and chandler for his audition as a host in a game show called bamboozle. the catch up phrase is 'u juz bamboozled'. i dunno what on earth that it was mean. but once i played with my niece and said to her 'u juz bamboozled' and she laughed. i think my knowledge about booze is pretty well for someone who never boozing. nope i dun booze n i wont. dont booze peeps, boozing and booze are bad!

i am feeling tired. i didnt really do hard labour today. but i went to kk with my dad n uncle. we had lunch together before headed back to ums campus to settle my fee. yep very bloodsucking. the registration fee is MYR1188. and if i dont pay minimum MYR1000, i cannot be registered unless i write letter to the dean ask for 'penangguhan pembayaran yuran', which is i dont want to do. when all settle and i registered 5 courses that cost about MYR3000. very heavy debt in my ledger huh???. bloodsucker. thats why i have no problem to put some pressure on ums' lazy staffs. bcoz 'I PAY THEM A LOT' to serve me well.

oh ya the gmail is cannot be opened. how suck is that?? very. i dont know is it bcoz of the server, the comp, the phone line, the streamyx, the gmail itself or combination of all... speaking of stupid
internet connection. the so called streamyx is about to be plundered and my share is getting skinnier. good side; i pay less. bad side; the connection will much much slower bcoz of the crowd.

i need to write in red since as a symbol of dissatisfaction. tulis bm rojak lah kan senang.. mula mula tym nak pasang streamyx mangkuk ni semua macam ragu2. paham2 lah benda berbayar semua pun takot tak terbayar. me included. ya lah barang share bayar ni selalu nya akan ada lah yang liat membayar. and that was happened. yang aku menyampah ni ada lah macam bijak tapi sebenarnya perampok, maling, pencuri, penjenayah. dulu masa mula2 pasang ada 'yang enggan join' konon2 tak guna sgt. ok lah... lepas tu cost memasangnya sangat lah costly internet ni. sebab nak kena beli router, modem, bayar technician, bayar kabel. mula2 memang mahal aku rasa org2 yg terbabit dalam kos pemasangan ni memang bayar almost MYR100 atau lebih setiap.

now aku tengok yang 'enggan join dulu tu dah join masalahnya dia ini ialah perampok. sebab dia tidak bayar kos pemasangan. bila kos pemasangan sudah setel n bayaran bulan pertama yang mahal juga setel. baru lah dia nak join. so dia cuma akan turut membayar bil bulanan MYR20++ tu. apa jadah cekik darah betul orang macam ni. tak tau malu... bagus lah guna internet haram duit yg sepatutnya bayar bil pemasangan tu buat beli celak, mekap, gincu. surf sajalah internet guna muka bercelak mekap tu... haram jadah punya orang.

orang yang macam ni memang suka mengambil kesempatan. tak tahu malu punya maling!

i wont pull out, i paid for the installment, the first month hell expensive bill, and whatever i should pay. nanti kalau line ni sesak berasak aku cabut tu modem tu...

then the newbies want to ride the same boat. the newbie already asked for the magic spell to use the super- possesing-hardly-ressist human invention. juz gave it. nanti apa org cakap kan... lgpun the commision already gave the green light.

then the squatter problem. i have all reasons to believe that the squatter will be around for a bloody long time. i am not that jahat to throw people out without considering the humanitarian aspect. but also i am not that baik so the people can bully me around. aku pun pandai buli balik tau!!!

sekarang ni the money matter lah... semua pun orang hadapi masalah tu. i am not saying my situation is critical. yuran pun dah bayar sikit n i have enough cash to buy 3 meals per day, food is everywhere. cuma jalan kaki lah pigi kedai. plus walaupun makan tak mewah, tapi excess lugagge lah juga my abs kan.... tggl sendiri ni mmg lah tak mewah makan. it is ok sebab balik kampung memang kerja aku menyelongkar ice box. i luv my ma n pa they always make sure our ice boxes full with supply. kami adek beradek kan kuat makan semuanya (except my adik who can survive by merely eating candy, choc, and ice cream). the thing about money, memang cukup untuk keperluan. tapi aku kan suka simpan2. mahal hobi simpan2 ni....

then i heard the icy box purchasing plan. already planned bfore. dulu consider juga nak melabur. sekarang ni macam tak berminat langsung lah pula. agak2 aku nak makan frozen food nanti aku balik kampung lah... worse come to worse pun aku balik lah rumah putatan n raid their dapur. ataupun kalau weeknd tak balik... suruh lah the big big bro hantar makanan. i kan adik manja, mana boley dibiar lapar... nanti end up di hospital likas macam dulu.

nanti bulan puasa akan datang terfikir2 juga pasal sahur n sungkai. sungkai tu ok lah.. mustahil kedai kf langsung nda jual apa2 at least abc mesti ada. sahur... well dulu pernah juga sahur makan tuna 1 tin. ok boley juga puasa. tapi my parents always risau kalau i dont eat rice for sahur. another thing masa bulan puasa ialah... mana lah tau my projek sudah mula.. macam mana lah aku nak panjat bukit ke ibtp tu. ya lah.. kan aku ni mana ada kereta. hopefully adik manja ni disedia lah kereta utk bulan puasa sekiranya projek sudah boleh dimulakan.

p/s: yang aku taip guna ink merah tu perkara yang aku nda sukak!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

look left look right

here in KK when i look left i see starbuck, when i look right i see starbuck. oh why there are so many starbuck. people in KK really love starbuck huh???? very mahal lah those latte...

here in sabah when i look left i see giant, when i look right i see giant. giant here, giant there, giant is everywhere. giant is here. conglomerate monopoly which can elbow out tiny miny kedai runcit adib idham. the monopoly by this conglomerate will create little competition among the retailers, then harga barang pun naik sesuka hati lah.

Desperate Housemate: promo review




SYNOPSIS: the dramatic real story of a group of students who cramped in 2 houses in kingfisheria lane. they are juggling between classes, thesis, financial problems, rejected project proposal, supervisor, and each other. read the roller coaster story of desperate housemates in turmoil kingfisheria lane surburb here in this blog.

the debate

i am juz finish watching the oil debate between info minister and dsai, on tv9 online. interesting, entertaining, and most importantly it is deliver what people want to know about oil crisis. at least i am satisfied. this is something should be done more.

the debate is much better than rallying on the street and it is balancing the overkill done by mainstream media toward the opposition.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Desperate Housemates

now showing! your favourite housemates are here!

tadi aku ke pejabat kf, untuk setel masalah kunci. mula2 aku suka juga tgk si ofis boy tu tercari2 kunci bilik aku. siapa suruh mereka tu, tak susun n label kunci betul. tapi bila lama2 rasa kesian pula dia, smpi dia call bos kf untuk cari kunci bilik aku. tak apa lah nanti aku tak buli si young n married ofis boy lagi. tu lah lain kali cuba kerja rajin sikit. supaya senang bila jumpa orang mcm aku. hujung2 dia bagi aku seberkas kunci untuk di try buka tombol pintu.

bila balik cuma satu kunci saja yg bole guna. nasib baik. sebab aku dah warning si ofis boy tu, kalau aku x dapat juga kunci hari ini, aku paksa dia tukar tombol. jangan main2 aku ni ada rekod vandalism 3 tombol pintu, 2x ukm, sekali di sini (pintu stor). tadi sebelum aku ke ofis kf tu aku plan nak duplicate sendiri saja kunci bilik dari my roomie. roomie tu pula dgn selambanya tak nak kasi pinjam. ok tak apa aku masukkan dalam 'buku hutang'. bukannya nak aku pindah hak milik kunci tu. cuma nak dupliket saja. bukan jauh pun kedai kunci, cuma diblok kedai seberang sana... walking distance lah. tapi dia suruh aku ambil di ofis. nak saja aku cakap, ofis tu tak ada kunci lebih dah semua terabur. tapi mak cik tu bukannya bole paham pun. so aku pun biarkan saja. nanti aku lunaskan hutang dia tu.

dah lah seludup setinggan dalam bilik aku. aku pun tak tahu lah pendatang haram tu pelajar ke tak. aku ni malas nak kacau hal orang, selagi orang tak ganggu aku. masalahnya bilik tu cuma sekengkang kera, bila berdua pun dah sesak. tu belum kira barang2 bagai. kalau bertiga makin nipis lah oxygen dlm tu. nak kata setinggan tu budak pasca, tak pula dia hadir kursus metadologi. nak kata budak undergrade tak pula dia ke kelas. tak kan adik beradik kot??? apa kejadah angkut kaum kerabat tinggal rumah sesak ni. lagi menipiskan oxygen ada... aku malas nak bersoal selidik. tapi jika setinggan ini berlarutan maka terpaksalah aku membuli orang ofis kf untuk memindahkan setinggan.

harap2 seminggu ni saja setinggan tu menetap di bilik aku. tak apa lah bagi peluang 'adik beradik' tu berkasih sayang. dorang ni jenis tak paham2 ke???? rumah ni untuk yg dah mendaftar n bayar yuran. selain dari itu sila2 lah cari tpt hinggap lain. cuma mereka tu tak lah menggangu sgt. cuma aku terasa kesesakan ruang. sebab tu aku cuma tidur saja dalam bilik. selebihnya aku layan internet di ruang tamu yg ntah apa2 ni.

baru kejap tadi jiran sebelah datang berbondong2 mengadu nasib, hal ini kerana seorang ahli rumah telah di halau oleh roomatenya. roomate tu kakak senior/kakak jahat. ahli rumah yg kena halau tu orang baru masuk. masalahnya si watak jahat tu bukannya menghalau masa siang terang benderang. tapi dah malam, orang dah angkut barang masuk rumah, ikut suka tekak perut dia saja nak halau orang. then the rest of housemate pun back up lah mangsa. nasib baik lah penduduk rumah aku yang diatas tu baik hati, maka mereka pun benarkan lah mangsa kejahatan kakak jahat tu tinggal dirumah kami. aku pun tak kisah sgt. ialah dah malam, lagipun ada tempat kosong lagi dibilik atas. kesian sampai menangis2 mangsa kakak jahat tu.

kakak jahat ni boleh menang award the best villain. dari sem lepas jiran asyik mengadu pasal kakak jahat. ada seorang tu memang siap maki2 hamun, siap kutuk hina kakak tu lambat kawin bagai. dulu kakak jahat tu hampir2 masuk rumah kami. tapi nasib baik jodoh dia dgn jiran kuat. sekarang ni jiran dah kempen kami semua untuk singkirkan kakak jahat. macam reality tv survivor pulak... vote out kakak jahat.

aku tak campur sangat, tapi bila rakan2 disebelah tu sudah mengadu yang kakak tu bermaharajalela. so aku juz join team je lah... jadi ahli pasif. nak cukupkan penyokong saja. aku malas nak bersengketa dgn sesiapa. lagipun dalam bilik aku pun masih ada masalah besar sedang berkembang biak.

kakak jahat dulu tak nak join streamyx buruk kami. dia kata nak pasang sendiri dia punya. aku pun tak kisah, nak join bole tak nak seribu juta kali bagus. tup tup dia dah join. then... segala masalah timbul, tapi masa masalah menggelegak aku balik kampung, maka tak tahu detail sgt. yang tadi tu kisahnya, kakak jahat tak nak kongsi bilik dengan orang lain. cis! dia ingat dia ada geran rumah, nak halau2 orang tengah2 malam... bertimbang rasa lah sikit. jahat2 aku ni aku biar saja setinggan baik sedut oxygen bilik aku tu... si kakak jahat ni sanggup halau penghuni berdaftar semata2 dia nak bolot bilik tu n convert jadi bilik dia sorang. tamak nak mampos betul... badan satu, nak tidur 2 katil... apasal tak pakai baju 4 pasang sekali gus.

then semua pemegang trustee streamyx (termasuk aku) pakat ubah password. bie (jiran) pun dah tolak mentah2 duit kakak tu. bayar lah macam mana pun, tapi tiada siapa nak kongsi streamyx dgn kakak jahat. bie susah nak meletop kaw2 macam tu... sah lah kes dah semakin parah. dengar cerita dorang nak hantar surat bantahan ke pejabat kf, pasca, dekan sekolah. supaya menyingkirkan kakak jahat. bagi aku lantak korang lah... sokong tidak halang pun tidak. bagi aku cukuplah untuk singkirkan kakak jahat dari kediaman. kalau sampai menjejaskan pengajian orang ni kira buli balik full throttle.

actually sebelum ni pun ada parasit tumpang rumah sebelah. yang tu pun sama teruk, ntah2 lagi jahanam ada. siap songlap duit kawan. nasib baik lah seekor parasit ni dah balik kampung. aku menyampah dengan parasit pengotor tak tahu malu tu. parasit ni pernah menggunakan streamyx kami secara haram tanpa membayar. Ayu, kau kalau nak free pergi lah tinggal dalam kem tahanan pendatang. dah tau tak ada duit buatlah cara miskin. ini cakap besar, makan mahal2 tapi guna pitih saing (duit kawan).

summer time: filem melayu gagal di pasaran?

agak lucu untuk orang seperti aku ini menulis tentang strategi pemasaran filem melayu. kerana aku mula menonton wayang di pawagam ketika filem cinta. ya itu lah filem pertama ku tonton di pawagam. dalam erti kata lain jarang lah aku ke pawagam ni.

boleh dikatakan citarasa filem ku bukan mengikut trend semasa. kebanyakkan filem yang ku ingin lihat adalah filem dari zaman dulu2. contohnya filem2 lakonan al pacino, atau robert de niro dan sekali sekala filem steven spielberg. ataupun juga filem2 bergenre epik seperti gladiator, troy, kingdom of heaven. biasanya filem yang ku ingin tonton tidak ditayangkan di pawagam malaysia, seperti munich.

tapi aku ini tv freak; maksudnya aku menonton tv dengan banyak sekali, dan aku juga suka membaca tentang budaya pop amerika. maka dengan inilah aku ingin kongsi satu tips pemasaran filem melayu. kita semua tahu hollywood memang cekap menghasilkan filem yang bukan saja laku di pasaran malahan kreatif (dan selalu juga mengarut).

tadi baru aku baca di portal hiburan GUA, dalam portal itu ada menulis bahawa pungutan filem sepi agak kurang atau bahasa bisnesnya tidak untung banyak/rugi. mengikut dalam portal itu juga seorang pelakon dalam filem itu memberikan alasan bahawa filem melayu malaysia tidak mendapat sokongan berbanding filem hollywood seperti kung fu panda, hancock, wanted.

pertama sekali pembikin filem tidak boleh menyalahkan khalayak (penonton) jika filem mereka flop di pasaran. kerana penonton mengeluarkan duit untuk membeli tiket maka suka hati penontonlah hendak memilih wayang mengikut selera masing2. aku sudah bosan dengan alasan atau sikap menyalahkan penonton yang enggan nak menonton wayang buatan malaysia. itu tugas produksi yang untuk mempersembahkan karya yang boleh menambat hati penonton (pelanggan yang membayar harga tiket). tambahan pula sekarang ni aku rasa semua rakyat malaysia sudah mula bijak berjimat cermat, apatah lagi dari segi hiburan ini. sudah tentu lah mereka akan membeli sesuatu yang boleh mendatangkan kepuasan dan lebih nilai untuk wang yang telah dibelanjakan.

kenyataan 'sesetengah masyarakat tempatan mengagung-agungkan filem barat' adalah suatu kenyataan yang tidak menghormati hak penonton untuk memilih filem mengikut citarasa. apakah pihak produksi dan pelakon2 itu semua sudah cukup patriotik sehinggakan berani menuduh khalayak penggemar filem sedemikian?. sikap patriotik itu bukan hanya boleh dinilai dari pilihan wayang yang ditonton. seseorang itu tidak boleh dituduh mengagung2kan karya barat semata2 kerana dia menonton filem wanted dan bukannya sepi.

pembuatan filem ini boleh juga dikatakan perniagaan filem. betul filem melayu malaysia banyak yang bagus, hasil karya yang boleh membanggakan tapi kerap gagal dipawagam. dari pendapat aku filem sepi kurang mendapat sambutan bukan kerana mutu filem tersebut. aku pun belum menonton filem sepi ini di pawagam. aku cuma banyak melihat trailer atau promo di TV. jika ikutkan dari trailer dan promo itu aku yakin filem sepi ini karya yang bagus. apatah lagi pembuat filem ini ialah orang yang sama membuat filem cinta. aku suka filem cinta. pelakon2 filem sepi juga rata2 mereka sudah terbukti boleh berlakon dengan cemerlang.

silapnya (atau beraninya??) tentang penyiaran filem sepi ini ialah, ia di tayangkan pada musim panas. ya malaysia bukan negara 4 musim. hari2 pun boleh panas boleh hujan di malaysia. apa kaitannya???? tapi amerika di mana terletaknya hollywood itu mengalami musim panas. opppss.. aku tidak pernah ke Amerika untuk bercuti musim panas. cuma aku selalu menonton tv seperti yang ku tulis di atas. dan aku juga lebih dari kerap menonton saluran E!.

mengikut pendapat aku yang tak pernah belajar membuat filem atau pemasaran ini, masalah sepi ialah 'timing' penyiaran. di hollywood musim panas ialah musim terbaik untuk para produksi filem menyiarkan filem mereka di pawagam. kerana pada musim panas lah rakyat amerika pergi keluar (outdoor) untuk beriadah termasuk lah menonton wayang. apabila musim panas tiba maka filem2 yang dibikin dengan budget tinggi, lengkap dengan pelakon A-list akan menerjah pawagam. kerana produksi filem hollywood mengambil kesempatan dengan budaya pop rakyat amerika ini. bila filem2 musim panas ini ditayangkan di malaysia maka disinilah wujud persaingan sengit sehinggakan filem malaysia 'flop'.

blockbuster movie sepert hancock, wanted, hulk, kung fu panda ini memang jika dibanding2 dengan filem malaysia pastinya dapat menarik jumlah penonton yang lebih ramai. bukan sebab filem malaysia tidak bagus atau penonton kurang patriotik. cuma penonton ketika bulan june july august (summer) mempunyai lebih banyak pilihan. tugas produksi untuk bersaing dengan filem2 musim panas dari hollywood.

tontonilah MTV movie award, walaupun ini anugerah yang selalu mengarut2 tapi banyak maklumat berkenaan filem yang boleh didapati darinya. disinilah anda boleh tahu filem apa yang diramal akan mengegar pawagam, filem apa yang paling dinanti2kan. award best summer movie so far... ini terbukti seperti filem 'now i pronounce you chuck and larry', ironman, troy. semua itu filem yang untung pecah panggung dan semua pun ditayangkan pada musim panas.

kalau setakat nak buat filem untuk kepuasan maka rasanya banyak filem malaysia ini sudah mencapai tahap itu. tapi dari segi pemasaran, itulah kelemahan produksi filem tempatan. adalah susah untuk membuat sesuatu (produk), tetapi untuk menjual produk yang dicipta itu adalah lebih susah. pemasaran yang ala kadar boleh menyebabkan kutipan pawagam 'flop'. sebelum para pembikin/produksi/pelakon/pengarah filem menyalahkan penonton kerana filem tidak ditonton adalah lebih baik mereka ini tengok kelemahan mereka dahulu. jangan dengan cepat menuding jari menyalahkan penonton tempatan sebagai mengagung2kan sangat filem barat.

tips yang berguna ialah;
elakkan menyiarkan banyak filem melayu dalam bulan june july august (summer time). kalau boleh minimumkan siaran filem melayu pada waktu tersebut. kerana the timing is very bad, because of stiff competition.
siarkan filem melayu pada musim sejuk (dec-feb), dan musim2 cuti di malaysia e.g cuti sekolah, cuti raya.
jangan belajar bikin filem bagus saja... belajar macam mana nak jual filem yang bagus tu.

mungkin pendapatku ni salah atau kurang betul. tapi cuba fikirkan2 balik.
jika kita membaca/menonton budaya orang amerika tidak semestinya kita ni mengagungkan amerikan atau tidak patriotik. dengan membaca/menonton budaya orang amerika kita boleh memahami mereka. dalam kes ini bagaimana hendak memahami strategi pemasaran filem amerika. so pelakon2 kena lah lebih banyakkan menonton MTV dan E! lepas ni.

Monday, July 14, 2008

my noon melodrama

i juz came back from campus, all sweat.. since today is very hot and sizzling. ok as planned i went to cps office to settle about my registration. i was a bit pissed without capital p when there is debt in my ledger. so i start to bring out the receipt from last semester as an evidence that i am not study here for free. then the poor clerk start to gelabah, of course she is, because she doesnt really know about the fee thingy. i told her to ask her superior about that. i tried to keep the erupted anger together, and not easily snapped at the poor clerk.

sadly her superior is rozaida. i juz want to get clarification about what i paid for last semester, i paid MYR4390 and they didnt really state what i pay for. this rozaida come to me with hell attitude. she snapped at me, this is not the first time and i am not the only student she snapped at. i force her to show me her mathematical skill and tell me numerically what i paid for. then she said that the debt in my ledger is this new semester's fee, MYR1188. ok i argue a little bit about it, juz want to push her to the corner and see her ticked like time bomb. lucky for her when black tie azmi came to rescue.

few weeks ago, i went to the office to ask about result and registration, because of the web portal announced pre-registration will be started from 1st june-1st july. she was raised her tone to me, and said that she didnt know about the information in the web portal and the result will be released on 4th july. the night before the 4th july, i checked the web portal again, and the announcement stated, the result will only be available to be fetched on 10th july. she works in the small department without knowing what happen in the department's schedule. i give her discredit for that.

if i paid MYR4390 do not ever reject me, let alone snap at me when i ask for clarification. to date i do not have financial assistance or scholarship, and my study is funded by my father's cash. so if this rozaida try to push me around without give me explanation that i demand, i will give her more 'lesson' next time. i am the customer here, and you are the worker. when i spend the much amount of cash on your organization, i expect that you serve me as i deserve. the only thing that spare rozaida from my venomized tounge is her husband. her husband is working in ibtp, means we are in the same department. he is always willing to help our class to set up the computer and the projector.

after the short noon soap melodrama on the office's counter, the poor clerk returned to take over as rozaida left. the clerk said i cannot register yet because ibtp hasnt listing the courses that need to be registered by the students. same ol' same ol' laziness strike from ibtp. they should prepare all that silly damn courses' list before the new semester started. beside the list problem, my registration is also denied due to the money problem. i must pay MYR1000 cash before registering for the new semester.

another errant done by ums staff today is from KF's admin office. the admin clerk didnt know where is the key for my room. they dont even competent to guard their keys, yet they still receive full pay cheque every month. the young&married clerk boy is lucky that i didnt scape-goating him after the cps' crappy problem.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

menanti hari esok

wah macam tajuk filem gitu... sebenarnya esok banyak hal aku nak buat. mula2 tunggu abang ajil antar kasut. yep my black pvc tertinggal dlm kereta dia. ya lah tadi emo tak stabil sikit sebab ada lah orang tu try to test my temper... memang silap besar... so lambat lah sikit aku jalan esok utk register. sebab... tomorrow is monday.. so tak kan lah nak pakai selipar jepun pg mendaftar kan...
selalunya memang selipar jepun menjadi kegemaran alasan aku nak 'ventilated my toes'. tp sebenarnya aku ada kasut bertutup dan selipar jepun tu saja, sandal2 jenis lain tiada.

then aku nak panjat bukit tu pg ibtp... biasa lah kan sekolah aku di atas bukit... oleh sebab member bawa kereta belum datang lagi, maka wajib lah aku panjat bukit tu. harap2 senang lah setel kan jadual sem ni... and also aku nak window shopping supervisor... cari2 supervisor siapa yg aku berkenan dan siapa yg berkenan dgn aku... hopefully dapat jumpa secepat mungkin.

i need to fetch the key... sebab ada orang kejam tak faham bahasa... kalau dia cuba nak main dengan api... sila kan... aku tak ada hal nak bakar perasaan orang hidup2... aku dah beri peluang banyak kali... jangan sampai aku bongkar semua yang boleh aku gunakan utk musnahkan ko... sudah lah masuk u ni semua barang nak free... semua biasiswa nak angkut... semua hal nak murah.. segala jawatan elaun RA nak bolot. gila kuasa=digulingkan. macam aku tak tau last sem jadi pelajar free di ums ni... lu nak semua free masuk penjara lah beb.. sudah lah tamak.. yuran x nak bayar...

then nak pg kedai beli facial foam... n some stuff... jalan kaki lah besok jawapnya...

A.P.P.L.E of our eyes

comel, busuk, gemok, buncit, nakal, sayang, segala-segala....
dia suka dengan 'boh boh bah' (Tom tom bak)

my memory box revisited

purse from my childhood, my sister also had 1.

tasbih hadiah kak aini dari mekah. kak aini dulu tggl sebelah bilik masa aku first year di ukm. dia yg selalu tolong kami menyesuaikan diri.

aku suka david beckham sangat2 dulu.... and i never care the fact that he is married with 3 sons.
dulu semua girls 13 tahun suka westlife, and so did i.

cardholders. aku dulu suka sgt dgn cardholders.
my watches.. murah murah semuanya

except this one lah... rasanya ini yg paling mahal MYR120++. hadiah lepas dpt pmr rasanya, swatch model 1996 sempana sukan olimpik di atlanta if i am not mistaken lah.

watches ni kecuali yg kuning kecil tu, hadiah babu dari mekah, yang lain semua bapa aku belikan.. watches lain pun ada lagi tapi malas lah aku nak tayang sini... lebih kurang jak fesyen jam aku... harga pun hampir sama.

aku pakai jam ni sampai 2004 rasanya...

untuk ke my memory box part 1 sila click ini

konglomerat dan strategi mereka

aku menyampah juga kenapa blogger mesti ada gmail account. dah lah macam lembab semacam nak buka. aku ni memang pengguna yahoo sebelum ni. sebabnya entah lah mungkin lebih senang dan friendly. lagipun aku punya email pun guna yahoo juga dulu.

mentang2 lah blogger yg guna blogspot ni beribu2 ratus juta raban, google ambil kesempatan pula suruh semua beribu2 ratus juta raban tu buat gmail. tadi aku dijemput utk baca ntah kenapa siapa yg nak view site ni mesti ada google account. private tak private, siapa sgt lah nak baca site tu kecuali kaum kerabat ibtp(itbc ni english akronim). memandangkan aku ni kaum kerabat ibtp maka aku terjemput lah. kan...

ok lah kejap lagi aku sambung menggoblog. saya nak mandi dulu... banyak ribu raban aku nak tulis lagi ni.

back to kf

if i wrote this 30 minutes earlier this entry may full with hatred and profane word. but i am much more calm now and of course full with carbo. anyway i am back to kf home. have a little difficulty to re-adjust. bcoz new roomies are filling the vacancy. they look very ordinary. since i am not so friendly person, so all i need is a little more time.

Friday, July 11, 2008

i aint no holler back girl

tadi aku pg ums, cps.. ambil result. Alhamdullilah lulus. walaupun bukanlah cemerlang gemilang gemerlapan kebilangan, tapi ok lah tu. kita study bnyk tu bnyk tu lah juga hasilnya. harap2 next time boleh buat lebih bagus lagi. yg hazabnya sekarang ni aku mesti dpy cpga 3 ke atas utk lulus, dan subjek mesti dapat sekurang2nya gred B. di bawah gred B bermakna repeat. so u do the math... bit tougher compare to bachelor pogramme. terima kasih kpd cik pakai selendang pink yg sudi melayan2 aku tadi n encik skinny. mesti org opis cps tu nyampah tgk mukaku.

lepas ambil result proceed setel kediaman. jeng2 jeng ni ada drama2 sikit. aku ambil kunci dari opis kf. aku minta bilik lama rumah lama dulu. ya lah kebetulan kosong bilik tu walaupun sudah ada seorang masuk (bilik double). then bila aku sampai di tempat kejadian, aku buka pintu bilik... bilik tu memang macam tempat kejadian. ada org tinggal, katil single dicantum, almari dua2 occupied, pendek kata bilik tu sudah berubah wajah. peralatan utk tggl 2 org telah disusun utk kegunaan seorang. aku pun pissed lah juga. sebab last sem aku tggl seorang. walaupun aku guna almari ke2 utk letak barang n meja belajar ke2 sbg dine table, tapi aku tidak ubah kedudukan perabot. supaya tpt tu sentiasa avaliable utk 2 org penghuni. barang dlm almari ke2 tu barang besar2 yg boleh dipindahkan dlm masa 2 minit. dan meja pun boleh di vacant dlm masa 5 minit.

dalam marah2 tu aku kept my sense lah supaya jgn meroyan tak tentu pasal. aku tgk saja bilik tu. oleh sebab barang banyak aku cepat2 kunci balik sebab tak nak lah kacau barang orang yg melimpah ruah 2 almari tu. mengikut saksi di tempat kejadian penghuni bilik tu sudah bekeluarga. dan saksi juga mengatakan penghuni bilik tu ada membawa keluarganya bermalam disana. berapa org ahli keluarga tu aku x pasti sgt mungkin 1-2 org saja. biasalah tu mungkin beliau takut tggl sorang diri.

saksi ni try to stay neutral tak nak sebelah sesiapa. aku pun bukan lah kejam sgt nak mensabotaj orang. aku pun cuma nyewa bilik saja. cuma yg aku nak fair share. memandangkan bakal roomate tu tiada, dan tak pasti bila dia akan balik ke rumah tu, aku pun try solution lain. aku terus pg ofis kf balik utk tukar bilik. aku pun turut menerangkan masalah kenapa aku nak tukar bilik sebab bilik lama tu dah diconvert jadi 1 in 2. terpulang lah kpd tribunal budibicara ofis tu nak buat macam mana. i juz want my fair share . itu saja.

aku terpaksa tukar ke rumah sebelah sebab bilik2 yg ada dirumah lama masih belum boleh diakses pada ketika ini. bilik bawah dah jadi 1 in 2, master bedroom pdaftaran terabur, 2 bilik lagi tiada kunci dan occupied.

bila aku dapat bilik baru... aku call lah penghuni rumah sebelah tu utk maklumkan bahawa aku akan dtg tggl sana bermula ahad malam. sebab dah ofis bagi kunci dgn aku. then masalah lain pula menjengah. aku ditelefon oleh penghuni bilik itu bahawa dia sudah book vacancy dlm bilik tu utk kawannya yg bakal mendaftar minggu depan. n she demand me to give her my key. i try to tolerate and i told her all i do is trading the key. maksud dia kena ambil kunci bilik master utk aku sbg tukaran utk my key. macam2 lah pula... ofis bg kunci, alih2 ada pula yg book bilik. aku tak tahu pula kf mengamalkan sistem book bilik mcm hotel.

apa2 pun keputusannya ahad ni. aku yakin pelbagai lagi masalah akan menjelama pasal bilik and pasal daftar subjek nanti. harap2 semua itu akan dapat diselesaikan.

aku syorkan kepada penghuni2 rumah ni supaya ikut lah peraturan dan akal budi yang jelas. bila dah tggl ramai2 mcm ni dlm perumahan pelajar, yg dah kawin kena jadi 'bujang', yg pengotor kena kurangan kekotoran, yg penyepah kena kurangkan pnyepahan. respect everyone's space. ye lah kalau dah plan2 nak tggl dgn keluarga dan rakan2 mengikut suka hati anda maka ada baiknya anda tggl dirumah sendiri. kita dirumah tu cuma sewa bilik saja utk 1 kepala. so faham2 lah kan. dah besar pun semuanya. part kebersihan dan kekemasan tu lebih kepada ingatan utk diri ku sendiri.

juz dont mess with me. i aint no holler back girl!

pengacara yang terlampau

tadi aku nonton satu rancangan popular. alah yg trackking artist tu.. yep bukan saja endangered species yg kena trackking penyanyi2 pun kena. rancangan ni aku selalu tgk lalu dapat lah ku kesan tabiat si pengacara nya...

yang aku perasan pengacara ni salalu membuat bersifat sinis, soalan sinis macam teasing atau mengejek pun ada. lepas tu selalu bagi respon yang menghina...


artis: saya dulu main bola wakil sekolah
pengacara terlampau: pandai main ke? (dengan nada sinis)

ada beberapa tahun lalu ramai lah anak2 saudara artis yg ditrack nya berebut2 nak interframe..
dia dengan muka sinis berkata 'macam nursery lah pulak ye..'

dia ni dulu ada menjadi dj radio. tapi sekejap saja lah. apa sebabnya tak tau lah. selain dari rancangan trackking mentrackking nya tu aku tak tau lah kalau dia ada buat pengacaraaan rancangan lain.

kebetulan pula ramai artis realiti yang ditemuramahnya ni tak berpeluang belajar ke peringkat lebih tinggi. maka selalu lah dia tanya soalan berbunyi sinis part yg tu. aku rasa dia ni memang ada ijazah, kalau tak silap dri uitm.

dia ni pengacara yg berbakat. tapi kalau dah asyik menimbulkan soalan atau komen berbaur ejekan menyampah juga aku tgk. ya lah... tau lah awak tu dapat bergaji besar baju berjenama berjaya dalam kerjaya, tapi jangan lah bersikap macam tu dgn artis realiti yang memang agak kurang cekap menjawab soalan. sepatutnya awak sbg pengacara yg guide, bukan pasang perangkap. jgnlah mempermain2kan artis2 muda dgn soalan ejekan awak tu.

lagi satu yg aku selalu geram ialah bila wartawan peroxide blonde tanya soalan peribadi dgn artis. soalan peribadi boleh tapi sebagai rencah sikit2 sajalah. penonton nak tau perkembangan aktiviti professional artis tu. bukan kisah sgt pun aktiviti cerai break up dorang. minggu lepas dia asak soalan peribadi dengan seorang artis veteren. mula2 artis berkenaan tak nak jawab soalan tu. tapi bila si peroxide blonde asak bertalu2 soalan yg sama maka artis tu crack lah juga kisah peribadi dia. nasib baik lah artis veteren tu dah tau gelora dunia glamor ni maka beliau dgn bijak dapat mengawal emosinya.

soalan2 yg seperti dikemukakan si peroxide blonde tu pula kalau artis tak nak jawab lagi dia desak. lagi ligat dia nak bertanya. lain kali tanya lah lebih pasal kerja bukan peribadi. ada sekali tu, peroxide blonde dpt menangkap sepasang kekasih artis (sudah kawin pun 2 org ni). lepas tu pasangan tu mengelak berlari2 dari peroxide blonde tu... lepas tu si peroxide tu siap menyindir2 lagi artis tu. dia kata ' ini lah sikap artis malaysia bila ditanya soalan seorang lari bersembunyi seorang buat2 lipat tisu'. biarlah artis tu nak bercinta ke kalau dia tak nak share itu pilihan masing2

Al-Fatihah. Takziah.

Takziah kepada ali mat daud dan keluarga (my second cousin) diatas pemergian ibu mereka ke rahmatullah. semoga Allah SWT mencucuri rahmat keatas roh Allahyarham. Al Fatihah.

trouble log in?

i try to log in my blog using opera. then the blogspot told me i need to sign in as google user. to date i juz have only one personal email @ yahoo. so i guees i need to sign up the new one with google. stupid conglomerate kasi susah orang saja. but strangely i can log in into my account by using ol' explorer. im not very good in thech n comp thingy this must take some tym for me to handle.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

cerita ku lagi

aku ni macam ada share jak dgn history channel sejak 1-2 minggu ni. apa tak nya asyik masyuk nonton history channel. ok nak cerita sikit ni aku ada tgk pasal underworld: underground apocalypse. cerita ok tapi ntah lah bila cerita2 mcm ni mengikut acuan barat amerika maka deliverynya pun macam amerika lah juga. kebetulan sebelum tu aku ada nonton pasal da vinci code bloodline. aku tertanya2 masih ada kah bible yang ditulis dalam bahasa fully hebrew (ibrani)?. yg disiar dlm history channel tu bible dlam gereja kristian ortodoks di palestin ditulis dalam hebrew yang bercampur2 dlam arab atau aramaic.

aku rasa org natgeo, discovery, history channel ni main buat jak dokumentari2 ni tapi in the end confusing. aku dulu selalu secara tak sengaja nonton bible week dalam nat geo. bible week ni selalu siar atau ulas cerita2 dlm old testament. yang aku paling ingat sekali kisah knight templer. so boleh lah aku banding2 kan cerita dlm nat geo tu dgn channel lain. aku malas nak tulis lebih lah pasal agama org ni. nanti macam menyentuh sensitiviti lah pula. oleh itu kpd penonton channel2 pendidikan n learning dlm astro, jgn bergantung dgn maklumat dlm rancangan tu saja. cari lah buku2 yg lebih reliable.

kita sebagai orang islam ni mesti menimba sebanyak ilmu yg boleh. walaupun ilmu tersebut tiada kaitan dgn pekerjaan kita. nasihat ini lebih kepada untuk diriku sendiri juga lah. kerana aku ni jarang mengabiskan buku yg ku baca.

aku juga suka nonton animasi. tapi bukanlah anime. aku suka animasi buatan amerika saja setakat ni. aku layan king of the hill (dibuat oleh pembikin beavis&butthead), dan american dad (family guy). dulu aku suka the simpsons dan futurama. aku selalu nyanyi lagu tema american dad utk anak buah.

sebenarnya aku suka nonton animasi jepun juga dulu, tapi aku ni ol' skol lah. aku suka doraemon, sailormoon, street fighters, captain tsubasa (versi lama) dan banyak lagi. tapi anime jepun sekarang ni terlebih grafik cerita tak menarik. tak menarik untuk aku lah. ramai orang lain suka anime ni. mungkin aku bukan pengikut trend.

begitu juga manga. aku tak minat sgt. aku lebih suka komik hong kong. ingat lagi masa aku sekolah rendah aku, rakan2, abang2, suka sgt dgn siri dewata raya. selain itu alam perwira, anak2 wira, raja rimba, pendekar laut. aku lebih suka komik hong kong yg punya cerita berlatarkan zaman dulu2 zaman monarki china. dari sini lah juga aku dapat belajar beberapa watak penting dalam sejarah china seperti maharaja qin, pengasas dinasti han (liu bang), kisah askar terracota dan dinasti manchu sebelum revolusi. kisah penentangan liu bang terhadap maharaja qin lah yg paling ku ingat sekali.

selain komik, aku gemar comic strips, baby blues, pc n pixel. pun buatan america juga. hahahaha nanti jangan ada yg tuduh aku agen amerika sudah... hahahahaha

sekarang ni aku selalu nonton are u smarter than a 5th grader? baru aku sedar bahawa syllybus kita di malaysia ni lebih berpaksikan peperiksaan berbanding pengetahuan. aku yakin ada sebab kukuh kenapa sukatan pelajaran anak2 sekolah kita seperti yg ada sekarang. aku juga lahir dari sistem pelajaran yang sama. and i am doing juz fine. hahaha..

apa salahnya jika anak2 didedahkan dengan geografi dunia, sejarah dunia, dan pendidikan kebudayaan (cultural studies). bukan maksudnya untuk di soal di dalam exam. tapi untuk pengetahuan mereka.

memandangkan aku bukan org amerika, tak semua jawapan dlm rancangan gameshow itu aku tahu. tapi apa salahnya aku tak tahu... at least aku tahu apa yang aku tak tahu. secara ringan waktu sem 1 ari tu aku cuba2 membaca beberapa buku pasal america. lebih kurang aku buat my personal american study lah ni. lagipun banyak buku2 pasal america di library ums tu. ada ensyklopedia utk presiden2 lagi. entah lah kenapa sedangkan aku sepatutnya lebih bnyk membaca pasal taksonomi dan biodiversiti.

well im 22 go 23 ada baiknya ku ubah bahan bacaan tu lebih utk pengetahuan dari peperiksaan. terima kasih kpd syafiq najmi kerana entry dalam blog beliau telah menyedarkan aku betapa aku kurang pengetahuan tentang monarki di Malaysia. Insya Allah nanti aku cuba untuk mencari maklumat lebih banyak tentang negara kita. cuma masa ini aku lebih minat american study. n all time favourite history n world geography.

masa sebelum masuk ums dulu aku ada buka2 buku kecil pasal perlembagaan malaysia. dah berhabuk2 buku tu dlm bilik. belum abis baca pun. harap2 nanti boleh abis baca semua buku2 dalam bilik ku tu. sebenarnya bukan bnyk sgt pun. cuma aku yg malas.

kepada pembaca... selamat membaca.

mereka bercinta atau tidak?- suatu teori penuh sangsi

aku ni memang suka merapu sakan... segala teori konspirasi ada dlm otak ni... berbagai2. aku nak tulis rasa ku disini. aku suspek sejak beberapa bulan lalu, bahawa 2 org kawan ku telah dating sesama sendiri. aku pun tak tahu sejauh mana kebenaran atau ketipuan sangsi ku ini. juz my hunch. aku rasa jak lah... tapi blom ada pengakuan terbuka dari kedua2 nya. aku malas nak bertanya terang2an atau lebih tepat lagi malu.

mana tahu mereka memang berdating (bercinta) tapi bukan sesama sendiri. aku ada rasa yg suam2 kuku utk mengatakan dua orang ini sudah declare jadi pasangan kekasih. aku cuma boleh menunggu sehingga mereka membuat pendedahan terbuka.

ye lah zaman akhir zaman ni semua barang di upload dan download guna internet. jadi bukan lah susah sgt nak dapat tahu kan. mcm surat nikah si kim kardashian dulu ibunya dapat tahu pun melalui intenet. masa tu kim kawin lari di vegas.

ooppsss terlebih sudah... bukannya aku tertunggu2 pengumuman kawin 2 org kawan ku. cuma kalau dua kawan ni suda declare apa salahnya kongsi dgn kawan2. apa2 pun itu hak mereka berdua nak kongsi atau tidak. mana tahu aku saja yg merapu dgn teori ku ni... ntah2 mereka 2 tu memang tiada hubungan romantik pun... hahahahahaha

kawan2 ku ni bukanlah artis cuma org biasa2 kolar putih. selalunya aku klu hal kawan2 ni aku tanya jak terus terang. cth;

aku: betul kah ko sudah declare dgn kawan kita si A?

selalunya member malu utk menjawab. aku pun malu kalut mengarut kalau org tanya mcm tu. actually klu kwn2 tanya aku tak lah malu berapi. tapi kalau family tanya soalan mcm tu... hisyyy... mau aku tekan volume tv sampai max... buat nda dengar soalan mcm tu. tapi ya lah dari aku tertanya2 kebenaran atau kepalsuan kabar angin baik aku tanya sendiri dgn org punya badan. tapi kes kali ini lain sikit. bukan kabar angin. cuma aku saja yg ada perasaan atau mengagak bahawa 2 org kawan ini sudah ada hubungan romantik.

oleh sebab aku pun lama sudah tak contact dgn member 2 ni so agak pelik juga aku tanya tiba2. anyway aku cuma boleh tunggu dan lihat. andainya mereka sudah declare ok lah tu. andainya tiada apa2 ok lah juga. (ya lah tak kan aku kata ko, siapa lah aku kan?).

biasanya juga, aku tak kisah sgt pun kawan2 sudah declare atau sudah ada kekasih. tapi yang 2 orang dlm kes ini dulu ada kes 'tarik tali sampai salah seorang hampir tersungkur'. akhirnya 2 org ni steady jak... tapi ada orang lain pula mcm jatuh tergolek. susah juga kan...

tapi rasanya keadaaan sudah pulih dan masing2 pun teruskan hidup dengan lebih baik. susah kan kalau jatuh suka dgn kawan ni. kalau berbalas ok. kalau tidak. kekasih tiada kawan pun boleh hilang.

kawan aku, si ning ada tanya, kenapa shoutout aku berbunyi 'now everyone is someone husband'. ok sebahagian dari cerita disebalik shoutout itu belum aku sedia lagi untuk dedahkan kepada semua disini. tapi ini sedikit kisah disebalik tagline itu.

sebenarnya frasa itu ku ubah suai dari tagline syarikat penerbangan merah. cuma aku sesuaikan dgn keadaan skrg. musim cuti yg lalu ramai orang kawin dikampung ku. lagipun ada beberapa org kawan sekolah pun sudah berkawin dan bekeluarga sendiri. yang bertunang pun ada, apatah lagi yg punya kekasih yg steady, rasanya hampir semua sudah punya steady bf/gf. yg tak steady pun ada. dan yg masih solo pun ramai juga. termasuk aku.

bila umur dah 20 something ni maka ramai lah yg terpikir2 nak berumahtangga kan?... well macam tu lah kisahnya di Malaysia ni. (negara lain tak tau lah pula sbb aku tggl di Malaysia). tiada salahnya. malah itu suatu yg bagus.

frasa itu mula aku gunakan semasa aku berbalas mesej dgn kawan ku, amanda.

kpd kawan yg sudah punya bf/tunang/husband, jika anda ingin mengenalkan pasangan anda kpd aku, itu adalah dialu2kan. jika nak sembunyikan pun up to you.


9264_Evangelista-Linda.jpg (JPEG Image, 265x400 pixels)

wish my new hair cut is like this. actually this is the haircut that i want.


i cut my hair. yes i kept it long for 1 and half year. the last tym i had it cut juz before my last semester in ukm started, around late december 2006.

before i cut it, my hair was look like yoko ono's when she was protesting the vietnam war with husband, john. after the cut my hair look like john's when he sang imagine (except mine is black).

deep down in my heart i want to keep it longer. and only cut it when i find my aim in life (very chezzy huh?). i guess that gonna take a very long tym. so i take my ma advice, and juz cut it. bcoz i look very messy with long hair. the night before i took tones of pic of me with long hair.

anyway i cut it. so i make peace with my new hair cut.

Al-Fatihah. Takziah

takziah kepada sepupuku, kakak hajah dayang dan keluarga diatas pemergian ibu beliau ke rahmatullah. semoga AllahSWT mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Allahyarham. Al-Fatihah

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

what i see on telly


for tonight... buletin utama; i dont care if people are labeling them bias or anything. buletin utama on tv3 still top choice for news source on 8pm. plus saya suka encik abu bakar... sebab tu tym euro tu aku sibuk tgk sorak borak euro. walaupun astro pun tayang juga euro, tapi komen2 dlm sorak borak tv3 lebih relax lah... dengan ary n gangs tu.. klu buka astro taktikal sangat lah beb... tapi encik abu pun faktor utama juga aku buka sorak borak.

hokeh sambung balik... lepas tgk buletin... wara wiri wara wiri tunggu pukul sepuluh. selalunya tgk prison break. tapi dah abis musim dah. pas tu house. biasalah house tu. tym mula2 tayang jak aku suka... lama2 ni ehemm... paham2 lah.. aku tukar tgk tv3 again. adakah dia tayang cerita purple storm. zaman bila ntah punya wayang. kalau hokeh bagus juga ni... ntah apa2 punya wayang. anyway ku tgk juga. house pun ada ulangan.

pukul 12, aku terbuka animal planet. sejak kemarin lagi aku ni terbuka animal planet. ok actually last night pun sudah tgk borneo's pygmy elephant. but missed first 10 minutes. then kebetulan tayang balik pukul 12 tadi... aku pun tgk lagi the first 10. aku memang suka lah cerita pygmy elephant ni. sebab well aku kan org sabah. lagi pun memang ada kaitan lah biologi and gajah and aku, aku nak tau conservation effort... and mana lah tau nanti aku or my frenz want to trackking those cute animal... boleh lah aku syorkan nama renjer tu. renjer tu nampak cekap lah... bukan senang nak trackking endangered species ok... selalu researcher jumpa dropping (read: najis) saja. then collect dna. renjer tu (namanya aku tau tapi malas nak tulis sini) memang nampak selesa dgn gajah2 tu, dan gajah2 pun macam ok dgn dia. kalau sesiapa yang ada maklumat pasal pygmy elephant ni boleh lah kongsi2 dgn aku. actually the DNA tu malas lah aku nak ambil kisah. aku lebih suka nak tau pasal the elephant natural history. well kan borneo ni pulau... kita semua tau yang gajah2 semua ada di mainland saja. hanya pygmy ni saja yang ada di pulau. walaupun aku lebih kepada tumbuhan tak bermaksud aku hilang minat dgn haiwan. elephant is vegetarian kan... kepada sesiapa yang tinggal di kawasan yang hampir dengan habitat gajah... jangan bunuh gajah2 tu ok... unless lah nyawa anda terancam... mereka tidak tumpang lalu kawasan anda, sebenarnya anda yang tinggal dikawasan mereka. so learn how to co exist. nanti aku tulis lagi psl biologi lain kali.

sambung balik cerita tv, aku tgk chuck ulangan... tak lah menarik sangat chuck ni.. psl secret agent... knp lah stereotype sgt. tak semestinya org yang suka komputer bermuka nerd dan tak semestinya bermuka nerd suka komputer. tadi chuck season finale.

pas tu sambung balik tgk si house ulangan. then friends back to back. aku x pasti lah ada lagi kah siri episod friends yang aku blum tgk. aku tidak membeli dvd sebab... aku menjimatkan duit. jadi selagi tayang di tv... aku tgk sajalah apa yg ditayang. somehow friends still make me laugh like the first tym i saw it. tgk banyak kali pun aku masih suka.

yesterday also tgk tv... tym aku channel surfing (my favourite sport), aku tertengok history channel pasal hippies..walaupun sudah tertinggal 1 jam.. aku tgk juga. last few months aku ada baca buku america 1960's dan pasal presiden2 america kennedy-reagan. so cerita dlm rancangn tu lebih kurang macam buku2 yg aku baca. history channel pun tempoh hari dlm human weapon ada tayang pasal silat: malaysia martial art. tumpang bangga aku sikit. at least org amerika tahu yang org melayu ni pun ada warisan seni bela diri. then national geog pula tayang balik pasal mafia2 punya cerita... aku pun tgk lah juga. pun mcm history channel tadi... cerita mafia tu lebih kurang sama dgn cerita dlm buku2 yg aku ada. malangnya buku2 tu aku belum abis baca.

minggu lepas history ch ada siar russia land of the tsar trilogy. aku tgk part 1&2. part 3 tak tertgk pula. actually i saw the trilogy b4 but not compelete. terputus2 aku tgk. yang ni aku tiada buku dalam koleksi. lagipun tak berminat sgt dengan russian histroy. at least not now.

masa aku menaip ni history channel tgh tayang da vinci bloodline... malas lah dgn cerita mcm ni... sebab dalam natgeo pun sudah tayang dulu i think discovery ch un buat juga. buat lah cerita lain.. menyampah betul. tak paham2 lagi da vinci code tu fiction dah bercampur aduk dengan fakta. maka jgn lah percaya sgt. tapi aku tgk juga sebab dia tayang tpt2 mcm kawasan timur tgh.. kawasan kristian ortodoks rasanya.

yg nak tgk dlm history ch. cerita pasal polpot and stalking jihad. akan ditayang mid-july. tadi pun ada cerita pasal kumpulan pemisah islam dari cechnya, russia. but they were potrayed in very misleading way. so aku tak layan sangat.

from all around the kampung

ok i am may be sound mengumpat but well for me this is like more to opinion than umpatan. one of my paternal relative is currently not in a good shape of health. i visited her once. yes she is old... but before she seems to be alright. the night before she got sick she event went to the surau.

people got sick is very organic and natural matter, and we must accept that.the problem is her children refuse to send her to the hospital. they over and over again insist that their mother is juz 'ketaguran' (tersampuk, or something supernatural messed with her). she has been sick for 3 weeks or so... all the stupid children did is send their mother to the bomoh. i am pissed every time i heard the update about poor mak cik.

she needs medical treatment. i dont know why the children (all male) are cruel enough to see powerlessly their mother suffers alone. i am not rule out totally the demon-messing-around theory, but nothing wrong if they juz send their mother to the hospital. they may continue the bomoh treatments stuff, but for her sake, plz send the poor mak cik to the hospital. juz forget about whose gonna watch her there, hospital has nurses and doctors. if you dont want to take care of her do not deny her right to receive medical attention.

some people are stupid and some people are acting to be stupid and juz cruel.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


punya lah hazab mo buka internet ni, ok lah kali ni cerita pasal hellboy.. aku tgk hellboy di tv3 semalam. ok lah juga hellboy.. sebenarnya aku bercadang utk nonton hellboy2 dipawagam nanti.. so aku tau lah asal usul cerita hellboy ni. grafik dia ok la not outdated walaupun teknologi 4-5 tahun yg lalu... at least didnt look pretty fake. anyway jalan cerita mcm biasa komik lah kan... meti ada monster mengarut bagai mcm2... aku suka cerita ni sebab intro tu pasal perang dunia ke2. since i like movie yang ada setting zaman dulu2, so berkenan la dgn selera aku..

private practice mcm ntah apa2 lah cerita tu... macam ketara berlakon saja doktor2 nya... tp baru tgk 2 episodes.. so mungkin lama2 suka lah tu. mcm 24 dulu aku x suka tapi lama2 suka juga. walaupun x tau hujung pangkal cerita. sadly grey's anatomy also almost failed to catch my attention. semua cerita mcm keras sekarang ni. may be i spend to much tym in front of the tube.

but i do like prison break, i cant wait for the next season. from E!, they said that in the next season scofield n lincoln will try to break in instead of break out. hopefully its gonna be more interesting. my guess t-bag will rule the panama prison and mahone will join the Company and be a badass again. at first i thought the brothers will try to break in the panama prison to save sucre, (but bodo lah scofield tu kalau try nak main dekat2 dgn penjara tu sedangkan dia tu fugitive). from E! they said the botak brothers will try to break in government building. i guess scofield still wants to seek revenge with the sara's killer, but lincoln is more interested to stay low key with his son than looking for the one who framed him.

my name is earl and how i met your mother are also ended their seasons. and i am waiting for both's new seasons. oh ya another to catch up is ugly betty. yes i didnt follow when it was aired on 8tv, luckily star world is juz started airing ugly betty new season. i have to admit that i feel sad when santos (hilda's bf) was shot and dead. anyway it is more realistic to 'kills' the character since he was shot point blank on last season's finale.

another character that may be 'killed' is csi's warrick brown. i watched the finale thrice but still i cant conclude whether he was shot once or twice. my guess if juz one bullet it is logic that he will return in the next season. but 2 bullets in the neck, well in real world is more likely no no no.. but in tv most anticipated series who knows... remember csi miami's delko, the bullet was stuck in his head but he was survived. csi new york? my guess the answer of the taylor's '3' problem will be revealed on season finale. and i do hope that taylor will date stella.

Friday, July 4, 2008

News Freak


bcoz of the internet connection is very disappointing, i cant continue my posting about 'My memory box'. but i will try soon.

a lot of things happen recently in Malaysia, now i am officially a news freak. be it buletin utama or buletin 1.30 on tv3, warta negeri on rtm, or bernama tv and awani's update.. i have seen them all. still i always updating my E! news with ryan and his friends. and sometime i also looking for the latest update via alternative media.

doesnt matter which is right or wrong or whatever... but i do fell entertained by all those news. it is like tv soap. very interesting and dramatic. when i watch news on tv now the feeling is not much different from watching jack bauer is running all night long try to save america in 24. yeah i always want to know who will blow the next evidence against who, and who has the next best denial.

yeah all of these are crap. they are fighting and grabbing each others' neck, and say their opponent is the worst of all. actually they are juz like are different meats in the same bowl of barbecue sauce. took different time to be cooked but all covered with same essential.

this what happen when people forgot about the morale values from old folks stories that their grandmas' told them. about pak kaduk, pak pandir, si luncai, tuah and jebat, puteri gunung ledang, singapura dilanggar todak (may be need to be changed to malaysia dilanggar todak)

my say to them; kamu nak bersorak nak bertikam nak berludah nasib kamu lah... tapi jangan menang bertikam menang berludah lepas tu orang lain hidup menderita.

kepada penyibuk dari washington dc; fuck off!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My memory box

Pallas shoes box from last millennia

i was bored this late evening, so i went upstairs to look around... then i end up raided my old drawer and i found my old box. old shoes box (my lil' bro's shoes box) that i used as storage. stuffs in the box was dated as far as 1998. yes i still kept 10 years old stuffs. jeng jeng jeng

nota bahasa arab. belajar bahasa arab dari ting.1-3 (1998-2000)
lencana sekolah sesi petang, still look good huh?
dulu masa tingkatan 1-2 (1998-1999) aku sekolah petang

kotak starter pack. my one and only sim kad. used hp since 2003. (first tym masuk asrama)my primary school's name tag.

since it takes forever to upload those pics... i will upload the rest of them in the next entry.

Spain took the Trophy home..

Spain won the Euro 2008. they played better than German. German couldnt get through the Spanish's wall, they didn't 'move'. i thought only English can play that bad, but no surprise that German too. The final game wasn't so good after all.