Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Welcome To Kota Kinabalu, A Shopping Mall City

the newly open 1borneo mall was attacked by crowd last weekend... among the crowd were me n my family. very large Mall.. the interior is more or less like a MidValley KL. the shops inside havent fully open yet.

Major conglomerates already rest their foot in the 1borneo. they are; DOME, FCUK, ELLE, STARBUCK, and others will be there soon... the main attraction so far would be the GSC cinema, well it is much better than the GSC at town centre. juz like a GSC at midvalley KL. and of course Daiso, the japanese house hold retailer, always 5 ringgit shop.
adding icing to the cake is... the 1borneo is juz a stone throw from UMS, students will enroll or resuming their semester this july. so within month 1borneo will become UMS main campus number 2.
yep.. the oil price and living cost are sky-rocketting, but the parking space at Shopping Mall is well packed. people here in KK luv to go to the Mall i guess...

Major shopping malls in KK.
centre point (the cradle of KK pop culture)
wisma mardeka (yesteryear mall)
karamunsing (new electronic centre)
wawasan plaza (the nearest to bus station)
city mall (the Giant is giant)
warisan square (i love the bookshop)
1borneo (spanking hot newbie)

1 comment:

aloy said...

weih... takde gamba 1 Borneo ni?
siut la korang... dah ada shopping mall.
kitorang dulu... nak gi main campus pun kena naik bas sampai sejam hahahaa.
dulu dok kampus sementara jalan tuaran.