Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My memory box

Pallas shoes box from last millennia

i was bored this late evening, so i went upstairs to look around... then i end up raided my old drawer and i found my old box. old shoes box (my lil' bro's shoes box) that i used as storage. stuffs in the box was dated as far as 1998. yes i still kept 10 years old stuffs. jeng jeng jeng

nota bahasa arab. belajar bahasa arab dari ting.1-3 (1998-2000)
lencana sekolah sesi petang, still look good huh?
dulu masa tingkatan 1-2 (1998-1999) aku sekolah petang

kotak starter pack. my one and only sim kad. used hp since 2003. (first tym masuk asrama)my primary school's name tag.

since it takes forever to upload those pics... i will upload the rest of them in the next entry.

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