Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My instant celebrities connection

former course mates but none of them was on tv last week, (photo was taken at biology building main lobby)

No not me... my former lecturer and course mate was on national tv on last saturday night. In Majalah 3 on tv3 to be precise,the story was something about frog. and the lecturer is an amphibians expert from UKM, my former course mate is currently doing Msc under her supervision.

i quickly spread the news among our that very night. among sets of shooting were; UKM's old biology building, bio' building's 2nd floor lobby, fernarium a.k.a taman paku pakis, and hutan simpan bangi. i had been to all those except hutan bangi.

p/s: the picture of guy who was on tv cannot be uploaded.. i will soon i can

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