Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kung Fu Panda, Hulk, Super Hero

Last weekend i went to movie with Abang, Liza, and Adi.

Kung fu panda brilliantly hilarious.. bila lah Malaysia akan buat filem animasi yang menarik macam ni?

Super Hero.. another spoof movie... i like spoof movie bcoz it is very funny... and sometime could be very lucah(obscene) too. a cocktail story of superheroes.. spiderman+batman+xmen.. hahaha... but i fall asleep toward the end. not bcoz the movie was a lullaby but im really tired actually. the tyrant name is Hourglass... hahahahaha spoof version of Magneto

Hulk... much much better than eric bana's version. im not a graphic CGI expert.. but its ok... the original story is not much diverted. i really like scenes of Brazillian Ghetto where Banner a.k.a Hulk seek for refuge. and of course the scene of Dr. Ross' Campus.

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