Saturday, June 28, 2008

good things come for those who wait?

is it? i am waiting very long to use this internet to update my blog... very emmh... today my niece is sick. again. juz about last month she was warded bcoz of high fever. now she fall sick again. poor her. baby vomit. sick baby vomit more. baby cry. sick baby cry a lot. she got fever and i am worry a bit. i told her parents to bring her see pediatrician, but they haven't. they juz went to general doctor. i must urge them this time i guess.

i am a bit tired actually. well it is 0332 am. oh ya.. i cook for dinner. ayam goreng tepung. nothing special. i want to make pasta but the material is not available. actually i always want to cook, juz i am not a good cook.

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