Friday, June 20, 2008

Dying Nature

still evolving around environment issue, this evening i got text from razman asking about E. coli. i don't really know about bacteria so i replied stating those are harmful bacteria.

later, razman called me and we did chat a little. actually there are problems at his work place. the consultant that did an EIA for his company found out that there are E. coli and oil pollution in the river of razman's company's estate. razman is working with plantation company.

i made a wild guess, i asked him whether there is toilet near the river. he said yes. he told me there was workers' housing near the river about 8 years ago. for me the present of the harmful bacteria are not surprising as the river has been use as sewage dump by the company.

and about the oil pollution... i think the black gold has a curse as much as blessing if not more.
the plantation company generate millions of ringgit but it is not a permission for them to dump all kind of crap to the nature.

i dont think further project can be done before the plantation company get the approval of EIA. but again everyone has a tag price on them. if you know what i mean. hopefully razman can solve the environment problem in his estate. oh.. also he told me about alga bloom problem... that is the simplest thing in ecology.... if you pour fertilizer into the water body this problem will follow... again im giving ecology lesson in my blog. but those money-oriented company's boss wont read this.

poor razman i wonder how he gonna clean all these mess... i wish i can help him more.

about the endangered water catchment area... Ohh... i wish i can do more than juz blogging about it. my piece of advice, do not touch, by any means the water catchment area bcoz the effect will be something too hard too handle. i dont really care how much billions ringgit you can get from selling the woods. but believe me if they still want to log the poor forest their grandkids' kids will have to pay very very painful price.

stop logging the highland to start the plantation. special message for those morons in Pahang. they are happily destroying the terrains to start illegal plantation areas. stupid. err... enforcement officers what you waiting for??? go catch the culprits!

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